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Whatever this will be, will be February 10, 2010

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Feeling a bit empty of thoughts and all a feeling these days.  I’ve been musing that I would like this time of year much better if I didn’t have to work.  Odd about that–one would think it would be summer, but I don’t mind being indoors for a good chunk of the day.  The sunlight I do get to enjoy feels like it’s enough.  But I feel a real compulsion to go out into the cold, and with the snow (well, looking out a nearby window, I see that it’s not snowing right now–wev), I feel even more of a desire.

Cordelia, in D. Virtue’s “Goddess Guidance Cards” came up yesterday in a random drawing of one card.  It’s message You have been indoors too long. Go outside and get some fresh air.”

It’s interesting that my workplace should now start to ratchet up a lot of work at this time.  Other people inveigh against the cold, and part of me does too.  I really enjoyed relaxing on the cruise with J.  But I kind of didn’t mind that it was a colder time on the sea than we expected.  I still relaxed and profoundly.  It was damn difficult to return to this way of being, which I know is on its way out. 

Still, the cruise also brought forward the need to be here now, and to some extent the spiritual toolbox I take tools from and use puts that idea up front and center.  And the upshot of this relating to this blog is, I don’t know what I need to do now.  So I’m just writing. 

It’s not clear to me when things are going to get busier.  Hopefully I won’t be in the situation of “la-di-da-di-da, nothing, nothing” and then Cataclysm!  Boy, will I squawk if that were to happen.  But if it happens to someone else, I’ll be on hand to help out too.  Only fair.  Still…

So, even though I have an opportunity to write something today, I’m feeling a bit . . . well, unsure and in the hallway.  To be sure, the image of the chrysalis getting brittle and breaking is starting to make itself known, and I trust the spiritual reality of that will become manifest as I go through my life with all its simple and subtle workings each day.  I will eventually burst through this cocoon and spread my wings and flex them as they harden.  And then I’ll fly.

But for now, the strength quickens toward the inevitable birth.

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