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48 Rules of Power: “Openly Disdain What You Cannot Have” February 2, 2010

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Posted on Facebook about half an hour ago that I am practicing this Power Rule.  Through the trials and tribulations of experience, I know that I cannot go the same route as my fellow compatriots in the dramatic writing “community.”  (Can playwrights really form a community?  Isn’t that like a bunch of chainsaw jugglers attempting to toss saws back and forth?)

Mr. Greene in his book made a comment about this rule.  He said it wasn’t always a sure thing, and that sometimes it would make a person look petulant and obstreperous without effect.  His example of when it did work was Henry VIII when he wanted to ditch Catherine of Aragon in favor of the ill-fated Anne Boleyn.  The RC Church wouldn’t give him ye aulde customarie annulment, so he disdained the notion of annulment and the church’s sanction, and pursued making the Anglican communion.

While I’ve been given this command to send things out (by two goddesses no less), I am reluctant to go about this in the way I did before.  Fruitlessness lies down that path.  So I openly disdain that path.  ‘T’ain’t for me. 

Something more fun lies down the road a piece.  I don’t know what it is, and I also don’t necessarily expect for it to be an actual production.  There are things that I would find personally satisfying, even if they don’t lead thereto.  A reader whose perspective on things has been significantly altered would go a long way with me.  My delivery systems in dramatic form need to find the appropriate readers, whoever they may be.  I put things over on cerridwensmtn.wordpress.com, but few people go there.  (Few people come here, for that matter.  Internet backwater that this is.)

In any case, I draw some strength and dominance from this place.  May not be much, but it’s sump’n.


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