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Multiple Streams VIII January 22, 2010

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I may or may not post a poem today.  I felt I needed to go through a push on the Iron Pentacle Cycle for some reason.  It was also vital to just write them without too much censorship/editing.  To get to the root, to the fetch’s poetry around each point.

Anyway, I have a few different thoughts burbling up, and I haven’t done one of these in a while.


[NOTE:  This is NOT my vacation report.  If you are interested in reading that, scroll down to the next entry.  This is a hodgepodge post that touches on the vacation, but you might want to read that first, and then read this one.  That one’s more comprehensive and this is more contemplative.]

The vacation put me in touch with a sense of my own vulnerability in the face of the crises we are all about to face.  As someone on a cruise, I was dependent upon others to feed me, which they did and exceptionally, I might add.  It was also interesting that I had to pay for diet soda, something that is actually toxic to me, but that I still ingest.  I wish to eventually stop the drinking thereof, as well as coffee at some point.  I’m not ready as yet. 

Even though I apprehend the state I reached on the ship was the state of domesticated humans, out of touch with our wild/divine sides in favor of the irrationally overemphasized and increasingly disconnected and delusional Reason powers of our species, I see that my middlebrow vacation gave me much through my relaxed awareness of things.  I saw how attached people are to the trappings of our culture, and how asleep they are.  But because I could identify with them, I was given to see that on some levels I’m asleep too, and will suffer with the onslaught of weirdness arising just like the rest.

It puts the I Ching reading I received into perspective.  In Sam Reifler’s version of the oracle, he says that Hexagram #16 in the mundane area is the Hexagram of Hitler.  In the moksha section, it’s that of the Dalai Lama.  And in the world right now, both streams are giving way to #23, Collapse.  This counsels moving into absolute stillness, even as with Enthusiasm (#16), many people are streaming together to build a common purpose.  For those of us who can love, forgive, accept and have gratitude (LFAG!), quiet observation and breathing through these situations will have to be uppermost as Yeats’s “Second Coming” vision becomes apparent.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, indeed.


The Supreme Court’s decision yesterday brought out the cynic in me, at first. I could see this was only a matter of time, and that with the current complexion of the court, inevitable in the short-term.  Yet what have the CORPseOrations won exactly?  The landscape of the nation as an entity is but a husk.  In meditations, I can’t see a “USA” or a “Brazil” or a “Canada.”  I see the spirits of regions, and they’re quite mysterious.  They shapeshift too, and it’s been awhile since I’ve ventured to that dimension within the 4th.  Still, “USA” is but wisps of fabric that have long ago been shredded and tattered.  Even before I was born. 

Of course there are those unthinking stoopid ‘MerKKKans who spout off about ‘Merka, but that fogged vapor holds no potency.  Oh, sure.  It’s a fulcrum of force, but it’s balsa wood in its fiery duration.  It may set off a forest fire, sure enough.  Spirit-wise there’s a lot of dry tinder about, ready to be whisked into flame and transformed before they even know what’s happening.  There are those of us who have a sense of practicality however, and who call for the spiritual rain to cleanse ourselves, and nourish the land under our feet.

So as far as I can see, the ruling, while diabolic (as opposed to symbolic which would be a unity maker–this ruling divides and divides and divides again ad infinitum), is just another step down toward the collective bottom we all as broken domesticates need to hit.  Just like the alcoholics and overeaters and toxic-relgion-keepers amongst us.  I pray that the bottom rises to hit those who can be saved from a deeper morass if possible.


There have been interesting discussions in various “doomer” sites about the nature of community and why it’s so difficult to create.  The arguments are spirited, and there are a lot of valid points.  One that I was musing about related to work.  Sharon Astyk pointed out that people are overworked and don’t have the energy to concentrate on making community happen, but J.M. Greer countered that our forebears worked 60 hour weeks and still made time for the Elks Clubs, for community picnics, for involvement in their neighborhoods and local councils, etc.  Dmitry Orlov also mentioned that communities by and large are self-organizing (a wonderful dash of Hakim Bey–takes me back, yes… wistful sigh). 

I long for community, but that being said, I must admit I don’t know how to do it.  I long for the discussions too, but I’m also “gingerly” about them.  It strikes at so much intimacy, and because of my 12 Step involvement, I can see how one must work with and through conflict.  I still need and want to do this work however.  I’ve noticed that while I get sick of some of the stuff that goes on inside a board of a non-profit community theater, I am more energized after our board meetings for some reason.  Most of the time.

The points made have their validity and their perspective.  With my job, I’m working the standard, which I guess is increasingly rare.  For now, anyway I have a 40-hour workweek.  Yet I experience it as difficult because it’s not my skin.  I feel guilt because I know others have it worse.  This is a “luxury” problem as we say in the rooms.  I have a place to live, and food on the table.  Give gratitude and live in grace, yes.  But my soul pushes me toward … What exactly?

Community, rest, right livelihood, following my Godself’s promptings–these are the pathway ahead.

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