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Vacation Report January 21, 2010

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At long last, I’ll post about Jody’s and my vacation. The major positive was that I had a blessedly relaxing time. Surprisingly, I was able to feel relaxation only 1 day into the cruise, r/t the 3-4 days of being into a vacation before it kicks in. The most unfortunate part of our trip was the weather. 35 degrees in Miami on the day we landed. We didn’t take off our parkas, and were grateful the room at the Marseilles in South Beach had a space heater. Yea! Still, it was so cold that iguanas were falling out of trees in comas due to the shock of the cold. We went to see the Miami Ballet that Friday night. Stylish, diverse crowd. Jody and I were quite struck. The highlight of the evening was “The Golden Section” by Twyla Tharp. Sublime dancing. Afterwards we went to the restaurant Prelude on the Performing Arts Center’s campus. $50 price-fixe and you could select any 3 dishes from the menu. I had to pick 2 starters and an entree, while Jody did a starter, entree & dessert. The motif was undulating waves in shades of amber and gold, with a video of jellyfish slowly drifting about. Fabulous. We got to the boat on Sunday, after spending a chilly morning in South Beach wandering in and out of the hotels on Collins. It feels truly like 1940s Miami there still. A scintillating walk back into time. We boarded the boat later, and set sail at 4 p.m., watching Miami recede into the distance. We tried to remain outside, but we got too cold. The food was wonderful, and Jody watched me with amusement as I steeled myself to discuss my food with the waiter who was very accommodating. I was able to just ask for double portions of the proteins and vegetables from then on. On the first day of the cruise, J & I both wore our sweaters. But still–maybe because of the rolling waves of the ocean, I don’t know–I started to relax sometime during that first day. And depriving myself of reading helped. Because of that, I became aware of the tyranny of the eye and the lexical in our overalphabetized culture. I don’t want to say “overliterate”–I think we’re woefully under- on that score–but the alphabet is everywhere. I found myself meditating more than once on the shapes of the letters, the ouroborous of the letters O and Q, the playfulness of the small a. The loneliness of I. I painted and colored. Even made a lovely sketch of Jody, which I will have to have him scan for this blog. And the entertainment was quite fun. A dance performance inspired by Bollywood, a standup comic who had Jody and I in stitches, and a talented husband & wife singing duo who sang tributes to Neil Diamond. We all sang along to “Song Sung Blue” and “Sweet Caroline.” We went to the beach on Grand Cayman, and got cold alas. It was warmer in the sea than on land. We also found out that night that we weren’t signed up for the Mayan ruins expedition the next day after all–we thought we were online, but the website of the cruise line isn’t so great with their excursions. We should have doublechecked with a phone call, but we’re newbies. Next time, we’ll doublecheck. (And I want for there to be a next time. I just hope that with the economy… Well, we’ll just have to see.) So in Cozumel we got to wander around the town and found a delightful shop where Jody got a nativity set with a mer-people theme. Yes, the Virgin Mary was a mermaid! And the 3 wise men had fishtails! And it was all on a pedestal shaped like a starfish! (Again, we’ll have to take pictures and upload.) I also got a necklace of a black heart studded with nails and rhinestones. (To be worn at a Brigid ritual in the near future! :)) The final full day on the boat was witness to a feeling of cabin fever, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. And we went to a gathering almost every night of the GLBTQ cruisers onboard called “Friends of Drothy.” On the last day we shot the breeze with a gay couple from Canada and that night, we had a lovely dinner with a lesbian couple from Tucson. Miami on the day we flew back: We wandered around the Bay area, then the Brickell neighborhood. Found a sublime Mexican restaurant there–Rosa Mexicana. There are 3 in NYC, and Jody told me they are moste excellente. It was a little tricky, but I was able to eat abstinently there. Funny enough, when I got on the scale, I lost 2-1/2 pounds while J gained (unintelligible)nds. Uneventful direct flight back to Albany (!) followed by a trip to a beloved diner that unfortunately was populated with a couple of annoying guests and their enabling waitress. Much needed sleep. And then eased ourselves back into Northeastern life again. Got slammed at work on Tuesday, but I half-expected it. Hasn’t been that crazy since, thank Quakoralina!

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