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Iron Pentacle Poem Cycle: Power Point #5 January 8, 2010

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A steadiness, a focus, an intention, a joy fuse together
there can be delicious element, not needing
Preface, but so much the better should one present
itself.  When the black, maroon, forest strands
coalesce into an easy pattern, when the spongy
purple sphere absorbs the fragrant, flagrant juice,
life is soooo wonderful.  Nothing else to say, really.
To feel the qi snaking through the right hand
vibrating its succulence, its glow for all to bask
in, is to be attuned with cosmic flow, a stream
of stars and earth merging into one, joining
all the lights of this God together, simpatico,
synchronous, in all my parts. (O joyous chord!)
A tender caress, power invigorates from zone
of grace and mystic influence.  Beyond intellect,
and intuition, but utilizing both–hey, a source
is a source!  Always arriving in the nick
of time, “O where have you been hiding,” I ask.
Yes, the point depends on the four Others to show
itself.  That’s when I know greater triumph unfolds.

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