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Iron Pentacle Poem Cycle: Self Point #1 December 29, 2009

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Turquoise breeze enters from above, below, left hand.
A music sometimes turbulent, at times calm, times
silent or triple pianissimo.  All sorts of fragrances
floating on a self-scirocco, evanescent as bubbles
forming, popping, reconstituting their own cycles.
Karner blue constantly emerges from chrysalis, ever
shifting between egg, caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly
stages, not mutually exclusive. Appears to be no
castle of self, per se.  Contrary to beliefs tending
toward the Jersey barrier, the fortress.  I lie to myself
times such as those.  Aqua airy left hand point
operates as informal library of possibilities
ever present, mostly dormant to circumscribed
merely civilized perspectives.  They would disown
the feral, the intuitive, the divine in favor of reason,
made so base and common as to be worth
less than a penny.  Like any -mycin, instincts overused
over time lose their potency.  So much bigger than left-brain
capacities–You and I are the same, too large to be contained…

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