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Iron Pentacle Poem Cycle: Pride Point #1 December 23, 2009

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A clan of lions exists alongside each right
foot forward, the goldenrod point of fire.
Where the name of leonine grouping
dovetails with the stepping forward to claim
one’s birthright, honed from innate ability
and noted accomplishments to say “I can
and will do this!”  Can I bask inside all your
thank yous?  I know I can.  Because I know.
Simply, accurately, objective as honeysuckle
(O silent witness, o keeper of secrets in beauty.)
I know for example, that you who absorb
these words would love nothing better than to pay
me for the blessing bestowed.  Thank you much
for showing up to read up on ferrous five-point star
and know you that regarding my own point
fire-saffron blaze, that I know I can write.
A ferocious and poetic volpus gelus  romps before
you here, looking gleefully, childlike eager in fact
to hear much longed-after and deserved words of praise…



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