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Iron Pentacle Poem Cycle: Sex Point #4 December 18, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Poem-A-Day.
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This frame – once a 300 pounder –
has become an exquisite calibrator.
Seasonal energies pour through the vessel.
I can tell the difference between Lammas
and Mabon now.  This sensitivity, nettle
as it can be sometimes, makes cobalt
blue creation with my soon-to-be-many
partners joyous celebrations in the making.
Mama Gaia hungers for my pleasure. Who knew?
I feed the planet as I take what I need.
Oh, the divinity inside the man’s butt!
Moons enfold a dark, pungent mystery.
These nipples, painful to careless touch,
with the right lightness shudder joy
throughout.  This glorious skin encases
all the sweet and dark population
of cells, tissues, organs, and this body
electric, majestic, fierce can parade
as testimony to the fullness of being
possible for all of.  In sex lies love
and a succulent truth, eager to be stroked…



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