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Iron Pentacle Poem Cycle: Sex Point #3 December 17, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Poem-A-Day.
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The tongue that can not lie gives good head.
Telling the truth offers lingual orgasm
And yet, how I repress, repress, repress
“Go ‘long tah git alawng, heeyaw!” scraym
dem vampirez. my cobalt blue stream squelches
juicy-juice inside me.  And, oh, the balls!
shrink as if I walked into a fridge-room!
“Type this document, and this one, and this”
and the vEmpire continues its suck suck suck–
and we don’t even get decency of Marlboro
invitation.  My daily RDA of pentad-Iron
enlarges this grand corps-ethere, this Working
this Frostwolf God, and each day, the shackles
press down, and my spirit presses out.
And I hope I can keep it all Obatala cool,
but something will have to give soon.  Divine
nudity and truth-telling, seeking the potent
majesty of Dian-y-Glas and Shaitan melding
a Peacock Angel Effulgence, will come out.
I just hope no one gets hurt i’th’ crossfire…


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