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Story In the Style of Russell Edson: The Things We Do For Art #1 December 4, 2009

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The Things We Do For Art #1

A snail wanted the Mudville Poetry magazine to publish her works. “I may be a slimy small thing,” she told the intake editor, “but I have the earthiest awareness possible.” The editor shook his head, saying that they couldn’t publish scratchings and slime-trails incomprehensible to the literate mind, no matter how artistic and earthy they might be. Our heroine was to be undaunted however, so she asked a friend to send “Her Scritchles” to the New Yorker, which took her submission, happily displaying it on a galley for her to come in and look at. She was invited out to dinner at Le Cirque, and when the cab pulled up to the alley entrance, the chef came out and personally escorted her himself into the kitchen. He bathed her in butter, and sautéed her slithy-tove form for the poetry editor’s wife, eager for yet another smack of escargot.



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