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What I really want… December 3, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Personal Journey.
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All right, I have to start with the air on my skin.

On ALL my parts.  The penis, the scrotum, the butt.  All of it.

I want nudity.  I want to be NAKEDNAKEDNAKED. 

In the emerging reality I see for myself, this Frostwolf God that I Am, I am NAKED and accepted and loved as the naked priest-shaman-writer-chef- natureboy-abstinent-sober-3-fold-spirit among 3-fold spirits.


Iron Pentacle burns bright in me as I proudly and regally take the air.

And this is Already So.  It is here.  It is manifested.

In this emerging reality, there are no nations anymore.  The nation-state concept, already discredited as I type these words, is dead.  Vivens les etats-nations!  The local and the world-wide are the polarities that matter.  True now, true yesterday, true tomorry.  It is manifested. So mote it be.

In the emerging reality, the corporation is also dead.  Necronomic and vEmpiric entities have either been transformed in the sunlight and healing dark of truth and starry wisdom, or they have disintegrated into powders and liquids to be reconfigured for healing and transformative uses, or they have simply moved off planet.  These wraith entities have also died.  It is manifested. So mote it be.

In the emerging reality, the notion “I am Another Yourself,” along with “I am God, and Thou Shalt Have no Other Gods Before Me” as applied to each individual shall make the idea of governance… quaint.  We each one of us comes together as we choose.  We give joyously to the families of choice we come across.  They can be long-term monogamous, ad hoc, short-term, polyamorous, etc.  All partnerships are sanctioned by the neighborhoods people inhabit, as are all enterprises.  “Marriage,” already a tainted term, is retired for newer variants that better describe consensual and affirmative relationships, no matter the duration, frequency, degree of openness, combination of partners, etc.  It is manifested.  So mote it be.

In the emerging reality, all of the arts are recognized as fundamental to our sustenance and nurturance.  The artist-fetch inside each of us comes to the fore to guide us into the area of expertise we are naturally drawn to.  Architecture in some, fiber arts in another, erotic dance and storytelling in yet another, etc.  Guilds have emerged to foster people’s interests and talents.  These are not for mere commercial appeal–they are religious rites, and part of the fabric of the communal spirit.  It is manifested. So mote it be.

In the emerging reality, gods and goddesses, guides and star-kin and all entities in this plane and in others speak freely and profusely through us.  We converse as easily with the deities et al., as we do with little Joni or Mikey down the block.  Our natural birthright of having our own personal relationship to divinity brings forth many gifts and awarenesses.  It is manifested. So mote it be.

In the emerging reality, economics goes back to the “eco-” element of the term, bringing the tangible day-t0-day forward and dispelling what John Michael Greer (and E.F. Schumacher before him, I believe) call “the tertiary economy” of abstract devices and “instruments.”  The primary economy (real wealth) and the secondary economy (objects, tools, works created by human hands from real wealth) return to their rightful roles as the paramount means for personal and communal health and well-being r/t the pronouncements of self-regarding bean-counters.  (Let’s resurrect “the Common-wealth!”) It is manifested. So mote it be.

In this return to basics, I discover the other work of this God, the work that will sustain me and keep me rooted and connected to the populace of my environs.  As of this moment, I don’t know if it’s soap-making or black-smithing or studying to be a naturopath or what.  But the ground gets cleared for the transformation of this butterfly-to-be into that alchemical peacock I know is there, just under the surface.  It is manifested, so mote it be.

In the emerging reality, the pain of our personal pasts due to the breaking of our spirits via the Four Civilizing Horsemen (domestication, brutalization, desensitization, socialization (aka ostracism))  becomes a central focus of individual healing.  We all start where we’re at, and those of us who have a little bit more understanding step forward to lead the way TEMPORARILY.  Each person’s sacred authority is recognized, and we help each other to create new pathways out of heirarchical and zero-sum false choices.  Addiction is faced squarely and its power-over given its due.  Surrender and Will intertwined is the order of the day.  Weakness is transformed, not coddled, dismissed or ignored.  It is manifested.  So mote it be.

I could go on.  This is off the top of my head.  But I needed to get a little bit clear about what’s going on with this Quest for Wholeness.  It’s all a bit vague, I’m afraid.  But these are the thoughts going through my head as I read the posts on carolynbaker, alternet, counterpunch, latoc, sharonastyk, doomers.us, automaticearth, oftwominds and other sites/blogs I check into with devotion.  Shakti is the guardian goddess of our transition out of the post-industrial age to … Who-the-‘F’ knows.

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