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Mystical Albany Symphony Orchestra Experience November 16, 2009

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Well, these things are never planned, but I had 3 different encounters while sitting in Seat AA-5 at the Palace Theater the other night.

1:  “Becoming Medusa” by Stacy Garrop:  I enjoyed the piece as a piece for the most part, but I became increasingly agitated through the whole thing because I could feel Athena’s mounting rage at the presumptuousness of the becoming Medusa, who elicited her wrath with the seduction of Poseidon in Athena’s temple.  (The noive!!!)  The percussion, the strings, the brass, the ominous nature of it all.  My my my.  I could feel the grey-eyed one’s vengeance emergent, and I was actually terrified.  Ms. Garrop effectively channeled Pallas into the piece, and the devastation of Medusa who now was hideous and tormented.  Quite effective, but it left me with a chilling sense of awe at the power of this Goddess.

2: “Piano Concerto” by Saint-Saens, as performed by George Li (age 14!).  I was of course captivated by this young master’s performance, and he truly was a master of the piano at this fresh age.  Li put his whole being into the piece, and oddly, I felt that Artur Rubinstein was in the house for some reason.  Midway through the performance, I decided to check the program notes and discovered that CSS had actually written the piece for Rubinstein.  I was wondering whether Master Li was A.R.’s reincarnation, or whether the piece is so Rubinstein’s, that he appears wherever it is played live. 

3: “Symphony No. 2” of Brahms.  I found myself impatient through the first 2 movements.  I felt something was being prepared in the 3rd, however.  And with the fourth, I sensed that there was an opening forced onstage from one of the other worlds, and I felt a yellow seam appear, vertical in the middle of the air around where the conductor directed the orchestra from memory.  A giant stag emerged, and said to me “Pay attention!”  He proceeded to juggle 10 suns in his antlers – yes, they had limberness and dexterity, and then he threw them out into the audience which then was ablaze in a gorgeous yellow glow, and the Stag became surrounded in a bubble of that color, and then disappeared in a pop.  Suddenly, each person in the audience had a stag right next to them, and each juggled ten suns of his own in his rack.  But the stags wanted to merge with the various audience members.  (I must confess I was only looking to my right, at the majority of the audience.  I did not see if anyone to my left or immediately behind me was included in what transpired.)  My stag merged with me all right, but the others were sitting next to their people, and they sort of “turned off.”  Still, there were 7 or 8 people whose stags had melded with them, and I could sense they were around, sense that most of them were elders, but I think there was at least 1 other person who was not a senior (probably a child, I would imagine–there were several there).  I did find myself drifting in awe for a few moments, but I remembered I was supposed to pay attention, and I felt a little sad for the people whose stags sat there inert.  I felt they had all become like the background of the Crowley deck 7 of Disks – a sort of thicket of dullness in indigo tones.  Various bright colors dotted the hall, though.  I stayed yellow, but for some reason I could feel vivid green and red and orange.  The Stag started to emit a red light out into the space, and then I felt the music shift toward “home-base.”  The stags were all basically called back into the first Great Stag, and then as the music reached its final segment, I saw the stag bound back into the other world, and the seam close up behind him in a yellow blaze, and then disappear.

Wow, Johannes.  Eat venison much?

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