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Quick Insight November 9, 2009

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Over the weekend, I had a no duh! important insight wash over me.  It’s simply that I need to have projects get me through the days and the weeks.  Now that Jody and I own the building, we have projects galore.  And also because we have a new income stream coming in, we are a bit more freed up to pursue some of the other things we need to be doing.

On Saturday, we did a lot of stuff.  J’s been needing to rest up, but we still had to put ourselves in the way of setting things up for the right pieces to come into the situation and be aligned as far as making the apartment building the best it can be.  So we did quite a bit of shopping at various places, plus I also got some free windows together (from Historic Albany) for the cold frame garden I’m going to try my hand at, starting next weekend if all things work out.  And we stopped at Ada’s where I asked about an athame, and they’re going to get back to me on that.  And we raked leaves for the composting and met a neighborhood advocate/newsletter editor who asked about our building, whether we had found tenants.

Life was splendid and sparkly over the weekend.  I began Saturday with sending out the queries and CV’s too.  (I detach from the results, for this action was about sending a message to the multiverse to assist in the expeditious nature of my request for assistance.)

I really need to be grounded in actually doing things.  Activity helps to keep me grounded, and paradoxically in the spiritual.  All that we did over the weekend, even going and getting 14 buckets of manure (“yeah, that’s good shit man!”) was a spiritual endeavor.  The weekend was active prayer, and at the end of it we were rewarded with witnessing murders of crows flying around and sitting atop trees in neighboring yards.  There was some sort of magical protection and mantle being thrown over Little Italy, and I don’t quite understand it (though I suspect that a whole bunch of mysterious criss-crossing contrails of airplane exhaust overhead might have had something to do with it).  I looked up crow/raven today in Steven Farmer’s “Animal Spirit Guides” book, and it said it that when they show up there’s magic and mystery afoot, and a big change is a-coming.

Let’s see what that might be, mm-kay?

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