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Multiple Streams – VI(?) November 5, 2009

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1)  Over on Livejournal one can post one’s feelings.  That being said, I was sort of looking for dull-headed and lackadaisical as a couple of possibilities.  I did find alternatives thereto for those particular feelings, but no list can truly be exhaustive.  Besides, “mad, sad, glad, lonely, scared, contemplative” are probably the ones most necessary, though tired, bored, numb are also ones that people need to have around.

2) My last post on livejournal is about my 2009-10 Tarot card of the year.  The Princess/Page of Swords.  In the Cosmic Tribe, she’s the meditator.  I wonder what sorts of airborne messages I might be receiving this year…

3) Today I feel better than yesterday.  I did wake up feeling angry in a non-specific way.  These cunterenda like Prop h8 in Cali and Prop 1 in Maine(-lining jesus) exacerbate stuff that’s already going on.  Last year, I was meeting with death gods over an extended period of time – something I need to do again, actually.  Maybe tomorrow.  And I wasn’t in the best frame of reference. 

My anti-anxiety pills helped.  Today is the first time I’ve taken 2 in ONE DAY.  OMG!

4) Negative thinking is a damned difficult thing to combat sometimes.  I’m not sure it’s to be combatted as much as above-ge-risen sein.

Wanted to blog something today.  Feels like filler, but there you go.



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