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Mayan Calendar Musings November 3, 2009

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For those of you not familiar with the Mayan Calendar (and J. and I are constantly joking about it, because for awhile I was OBSESSED with same, and that behavior quite frankly needs to be made fun of), the predominant theory amongst Mayanologists seems to be that it maps shifts in consciousness.  One researcher, Carl Johann Calleman, has been particularly prescient in describing its effects.  He was pretty sure that the balance of power would shift to Asia over the last two years.  In many ways, he is right on the money there, though we wouldn’t know it if we listened only to Chicken Noodle Nooze (CNN) and other au(dis)gust nooze outlets.

Mr. Calleman has posted on his website (which I accessed through mayanmajix.com’s articles section) what the next shift in consciousness portends.  Right now we are in the “Galactic Wave.”  Before that we were in the “Planetary Wave” and before that the “National Wave.”  The previous waves keep going, but when we get to a 6th Night, it is the last segment of the wave.  This wave began in 1998, and he ties it into the whole element of the Internet taking off.  It certainly has flattened a lot of heirarchies, worked at so diligently through the National and Planetary waves.  One of the other aspects about each wave is that it happens over a shorter and shorter period of time.  The Galactic Wave began not too long ago, obviously, and the wave prior to that began around the end of World War II.  The wave prior to that however, began quite a while ago.  (For more information, Calleman and Barbara Hand Clow have a couple of recommendable books.)

In any case, the Galactic should finish the 6th Night next November.  And then, for the year of Nov. 2010 – October 28, 2011, we will be in the “Universal Wave.”  He says that we have no way of knowing what that will be, outside of an intuitive sense that “all will be OK, if we put our faith in Divine Hands.” 

On a completely different website, thepowerpath.com, this month’s forecast talks about “accessing the void.”  I have begun to think of the void, fractals, science and religion coming together in a genderf*ck orgasmic orgy across all sexualities as all profusions emanating from the womb of the Star Goddess herself.  Power Path and Calleman and others stress the importance of medititation and just BE-ING. 

It’s so interesting that both my partner and I are struggling with this, but from opposite ends of the spectrum.  He needs to slow down and has a hard time.  I WANT to slow down, but … frickin’ vEmpire/necronomic responsibilities suckin’ me dry …

That being said, Lakshmi seems to be pointing me toward some things, and today by the Hudson River, I had a little epiphany about something.  I’ve been working across a distance with a certain celebrated musician-shaman, and I’ve not been sure whether this person even knows who the f’ I am.  It doesn’t ultimately matter, though my fetch Andu’ would be really really happy-happy to find out it was real.  Yet in reading Hugh Mynne’s The Faerie Way, it occurred to me that I might be working with his co-walker in the sidhe realm.  Perhaps my co-walker speaks with him as well? 

Over the past few days, btw, I got a little confused with my own pantheon’s daily God and Guide.  For me it’s a White-Buffalo-Rhiannon/Sphinx day.  But I got off-track over the weekend, and thought yesterday was a Kali/Otter day – it was actually a Kali/Phoenix day. And my Eagle guide felt a little left out, so I ended up having a pow-wow today with WBR, Eagle, Phoenix and Sphinx.  And Ben F., Albus D. and Johnny C. showed up as well.  Hmbah!

When I feel lonely, at least I have the gods and the guides.  I wish that I had more people in my life.  Well… I have a feeling they’ll be finding me.  And at some point, I’ll be wanting/craving solitude.  Enjoy it now, I guess.

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