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Maine’s Hate Proposition November 3, 2009

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Just a random thought.  While I do of course want the proposition to invalidate gay marriage in Maine to fail, I also see that if it were to pass, it thoroughly and completely reflects what I feel about the zero-sum political processes we sacralize in the UINOSA that get focused into the useless tool called “voting.”  Sort of like what’s going on in the 23rd District controversy about the cuntservative kicking out the moderate, who stomped her little feet and turned around and endorsed the Democrat.  This may sound perverse, but I’m grateful that the cuntservatives are doing their best to point out how f*cked up the political process of the matrix is.  And how meaningless, yet destructive too.

The whole thing has been discredited by the 2000 Selection and then again by the 2004 Selection Part II, then by the very FACT of California’s Proposition H8.  I can’t help it that I see through the sham of it all.  I can’t get the hit on, and watching the ineffectual party “fight” the wingnuts, it’s all so thoroughly disheartening.

Some people might be shaking their heads and saying “I want my country back.”  Instead what I want is to help this nation-state vEmpire/necronomy insanity die, to minister to it as a hospice worker, and to midwife the new ECO-nomy that utilizes permaculture/12 Step and ecological wisdom to nourish and sustain our very homes.  To return the word to the earth realm, rather than having it be this abstract murderer that would enumerate everything into sterility.

The nutjobs can do damage – there are enough of them.  But we ought not be too quick to demonize them wholesale.  They are as much our projections as we are theirs.  This is why the whole electoral process is ridiculous and ineffective to my observation.  They are like the complexes that exist in my etheric body, and I look at these burdens and say to myself, “I need to look at you and transform you to something that doesn’t drag me down.” 

I need to look at the raw energy these individuals have, the shameless chutzpah that comes out in Nimue-craziness really.  All these Glenn Becks and Michelle Malkins are dysfunctional Nimues running amok.  And we need to recognize the damage they can and are doing.  Because they’re showing us something we don’t want to acknowledge, that the structures that we have built to buttress some false sense of superiority are crumbling all around us.  And there’s not much we can do to stop it, but we can start to ask that realest, most difficult question:

“What do I want, and who do I want to share it with?  Who is on my side? On whose sides am I on?”  And it’s not a binary/polarized/dualistic thing necessarily.  (It’s fractals.  “NOOOOOOOO! He didn’t!” “Yes, I did. :)”)

Whatever happens in Maine, there is a bright side to it.  And a dark side as well, because if “my side” wins, it still begs the question about how such a monstrosity could even be put on a ballot to begin with.  There is something DEEEPLY wrong and crazy with putting other people’s rights and livelihoods up to a vote.  How Matrix, and Dick Cheney of Maggie Gallagher and ilk.

I wrote on LATOC recently that it’s like these people are saying “Let’s all stand together to push people apart!”  They’re the separation party, really.  Not secession per se, which is more a regal way of saying, “I can’t fix this, let me out.”  The separation party is “Are you with me, to be against myself in the form of ___________?”  The separation party is the projection of their own self-hate party.  It is the lower-case satan Party.  Or rather the Jehovah party that is satan to itself in the form of others.  That might seem confusing, but remember what I’ve said before:  One can’t have a satan without being a satan.  One can’t have an adversary without also being an adversary themselves.  Again, this is an artificial and unsatisfying way to deal with conflicts.  It was discredited at the beginning and it’s been diminishing returns ever since.



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