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My Writing Assignment: The Difficulty of Wearing Clothes October 29, 2009

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Better get to it first.

I would like nothing better
than to see
laws against public nudity
be dispelled.

I shall light some candles of all colors to make it so.

The other day, I saw a story on the Internet about some crazy lady who decided to have a fellow arrested because he


was naked in his OWN HOME!

The police barged down the door to his place as he was reputed to have said “have you never ducked past a window naked, just to get a cup of coffee?”


For me, it’s not just free(est) expression here.  I’m more powerful nude, and I know it.  The elements know it, the trees know it.  My partner knows it.  Heck, everyone could know that I’m a really fresh and beauteous power in my own right, especially in my most glorious outfit.

The air we breathe.

Wearing the sun’s rays or, if cloudy, the grey of the sky.

I know, winter would be a drag naked, though some Finns seem to do all right with walking back home from a sauna session a mile away.  Whatever the distance, that’s pretty hardy!  I take cold comfort (ha ha!) that at some point in the near future, most people won’t really care what I’m wearing.  They might care more if they see that I’m well-fed and not looking emaciated, however; if things go all Mad Max when the economy SHTF.

A fiery guardian gave me this writing assignment.  In my home, I prefer to do my spiritual work without the distraction of garments.  Sometimes it’s cold though.  Even with the heat on, it can get chilly.  But I do fantasize about leaving my door open, and taking the air like a modern-day Ben Franklin, just passing through downtown Troy.

Me, just me, without denim or khakis, without cotton-poly blends.  Maybe wearing a pair of sandals because my feet aren’t really used to concrete and asphalt.  But other than foot protection, just me.

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