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So my car was broken into last night… October 27, 2009

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I was in a parking lot that is shared by a Rite-Aid and a church.  I was there for a 12-step meeting.  Came out afterwards, and there was all this shattered glass on the passenger side.  A thief smashed the window and took my book bag which sat on the floor.  There wasn’t anything of socioeconomic worth in there.  Just regular human worth.

So I’m feeling hollow and bruised today.  It’s interesting–friends of mine are using the word “violated,” but I’ve been reading various feminist blogs about the usage of that word, and I find myself refraining from it.  Part of me wants to use it, but I’ve decided it might not be the best tack to take.

Of late I’ve not been blogging as much, and I’m noticing that I have had goose egg hits over the past few days.  Again, a part of me is “keeping track,” but what exactly am I measuring this against?  I’m not some “Oh, pick me, I really dig Taylor Swift Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Paste-Ups!” 

I’ve been frankly feeling quite lonely actually.  Hm.  Some of it, I can’t do much about.  I have to be here at woyklez.  I’m the only person on this hallway, at least when the attorneys have their doors closed or are ensconced in conversation.  Even when their doors are open, for the most part I feel like I’m invisible. Miserable.

Such a bad fit for this place.

Not that this is the focus of my writing – it’s just an added bit of sickly sage into the mix.  Just that I’m feeling a bit sluggish and sad and that the loneliness factor adds a touch of poignancy to it all.  Again, I’m on the verge of tears.  For entirely different reasons than the last time.

Not much more to add.  Sorry.



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