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(Head shakes in resigned disappointment) October 21, 2009

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This is kind of a shout out to women, and I just wonder sometimes at all you have to put up with, not only from troglodytes, but even from other women who turn Al-Anonic and defend the pussy-possessors hate patrol.

Because there really is a palpable movement in the ground and in the air and in the water and in the connective ether that connects us all (and so too I would imagine in the fire, when it’s not being lassoed by teh menz in their femme-hatin’z) toward rebalancing the masculine with feminine power.  And what an awesome power it is.

I can understand why women take the Dianic witch path and put their shadows fully upon men in general, as if we all were acting in concert with one another on the Testosterone Network.  The strain within paganism that marginalizes the male is a stage in awareness, and sadly some people get stuck there.  Reclaiming can have that energy sometimes, and thankfully it gets challenged.  The Feri folk I’ve met by and large don’t though.  There’s probably a time element there, since Reclaiming really got going in the 70s and Feri’s been around . . . well forever, really.

Lately the thought has crossed my mind more than once that we are living in a society where there do seem to be some penis-renters calling themselves “men” or “guys” who seem to want to criminalize the fleshly chalice.  “Got a vagina?  Then you belong in the hoosegow!  And btw, spread those legs so I kin haz me mah rapin’ helpin’s.”

When I started to understand that I was gay, I felt myself dissociate a little bit because of the endemic misogyny in our “rape-culture” as Melissa McEwen and others have started to refer to our nutball situation.  I have long identified with female characters in movies, always looking forward to a good women’s weepy as they were called.  (And the occasional men’s weepy–they do exist too.)  I have always particularly liked the women characters who have had to “make it in a man’s world,” while striving to stay true to themselves and not turn into either a superwoman or a carbon-copy of a soulless corporate male.  The woman who is in a homeostasis of the male and the female, the yin and the yang has always been a delicious creature to me.  In fact, when I saw a pre-Hays Code film recently (I think it was called “Baby Doll” with Bette Davis), I was excited by a woman who was following Nietzsche’s dicta but disappointed at the end when she decided being married was more important than being herself.  (Oh, Puh-LEEEEEZ!)  Come on, make things happen on your own terms and without apologies–don’t give in! 

It seems though others are starting to have the same thought as me, that there really are people who are so in their hate-addiction that they would really like to see the feminine deemed inhuman and other.  The self-hatred within our species is painfully palpable. 

How does one transform this?  I look into myself of course–spot it you got it as we say.  More stuff to do kala on, and to find the spaces within myself to give quiet support to women seeking their own power.  As I give it to myself, but the good thing about that is I can’t keep it UNLESS I give it away.

Freely. Joyfully.  With Abandon.



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