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Ancestral Campfire Reminiscence October 15, 2009

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Years ago I got an assignment from a few deities to stick around the ancestral campfire over the course of two weeks, and to call various ancestors to me.  Of course there were the blood ones, and there were craft (playwriting) ones.  But probably the most memorable were the ones having to do with A.A.

I remember when I asked Bill W. to come and join me, he was extremely garrulous, and I perceived he had a strong desire to “hold court.”  He felt and observed, through the powerfully psychic eyes and hearts of many a recovering person, “the reality of the Matrix” that we all inhabit today.  “A distribution camp,” as opposed to a concentration camp he called it.

For many years, I wondered if I made this up, though I must admit I couldn’t take credit for the “distribution camp” idea.  Clever as it is, it doesn’t really have the Frostwolfian stamp.  But I often wondered about this idea and how Bill W. might have come across it.

Then I started doing the traditions questions from my fellowship’s voluminous library of questions for contemplation.  I’m currently at the end of the traditions – Tradition 12 being all about anonymity.  The substance of all our traditions, I see it’s really rather like “spiritual dark matter.”  Anonymity, hand in glove with secrecy; sort of like Love, hand-in-glove with Will/Power.

Anyway, I came across these words from Alcoholics Anonyous Comes of Age, Appendix B.  They still reverberate

As never before, the struggle for power, importance, and wealth is tearing civilization apart—man against man, family against family, group against group, nation against nation.

Nearly all those engaged in this fierce competition declare that their aim is peace and justice for themselves, their neighbors, and their nations.  “Give us power,” they say, “and we shall have justice; give us fame and we shall set a great example; give us money and we shall be comfortable and happy.”   People throughout the world deeply believe such things and act accordingly.  On this appalling dry bender, society seems to be staggering down a dead-end road. The stop sign is clearly marked.  It says “Disaster.”

What has this got to do with anonymity, and Alcoholics Anonymous?

We of A.A. ought to know.  Nearly every one of us has traversed this identical dead-end path.  Powered by alcohol and self-justification, many of us have pursued the phantoms of self-importance and money right up to the disaster stop sign.  Then came A.A.

We faced about and found ourselves on a new highroad where the direction signs said never a word about power, fame, or wealth.  The new signs read, “This way to sanity and serenity.  The price is self-sacrifice.”

So I have a lot less doubt about Bill’s holding forth.  He saw very clearly where our drunken society was heading, with its so many “rapacious creditors” who have us by the short-hairs collectively demanding our very lives and livelihoods.

Food for thought, eh?  ‘Mm-kay!

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