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Been Swamped at Woiklez October 14, 2009

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It’s been way too busy at the J-O-B of late.  I hate Hate HATE times like this–the more that I get older too, I realize just how much of this is all B.S. 

Today is a bit better, but in speaking with a couple of my guides, I’m given to understand that I may have to go to any lengths to maintain/manifest some boundaries that are being encroached upon.  “Collapse or meltdown” heh.  Which is it to be, I wonder? 

Well.  Let’s let the future take care of itself shall we?

There’s still lots of hope out there.  I went to an illuminating and informative weekend seminar which I will blog about at some point.  At present, I am writing an article about it and I will approach a local newspaper’s blog as well, to inform them of what occurred and what sorts of juice can be going through the whole of Troy (and by extension the rest of the region).

It has been hard of late to show up to the things I really want to be doing.  Stuff that I “hafta-do” gets in the way of it. 

Here’s to the days when these haftas disappear into the sunlight with all the other undead!



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