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Weird-Ass Mercury Retrograde September 24, 2009

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I never would have pegged a Libra-back to Virgo Mercury retro to be so … AWFUL, but there you have it.

I wanted to perform a ritual for my cat Kitzel who passed last year.  (waaah.)  It’s had to be postponed twice, the first time because I couldn’t get into my partner’s backyard and the second, strangely due to my other cat Samson who escaped the backyard yesterday.  There was another cat which had climbed into my yard, somehow.  Samson attacked the Big Ugly, and chased it out.  But he followed Big Ugly somewhere, I know not where.  All I know is that when I was able to get out into the alley, they were nowhere to be seen.

Samson returned to me this morning.  Whew.  But still. 

Work has been a bitch.  Interpersonal stuff has been difficult of late.  It’s been difficult to rise above it.  I feel overwhelmed, put-upon, stressed.  And it’s all normal stuff.  A temporary oversensitivity?  I don’t know.

My scalp is also bothering me too.  Think I need to break down and head to the MD for this.  Wonder if there’s something more to it.

Good news though, is that I’m putting together the Doom Sonnets with some other material and I’ve hit upon a fun structure.  The number 55 was hard and fast.  I added 24 other pieces (including 4 monologues).  78 + 1, the last one being my own personal tarot card reflection.  The 78 refers to the tarot.  55 + 1 for the minors, and 22+1 for the majors.  Now it’s time to work on an introduction.

Anyway, that’s close to being ready for a publisher.  Yea.


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