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Doom Sonnets #50-52 September 21, 2009

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Why didn’t this thought emerge before now?
Of course Mater Ceres watches over
this process of dissolution! The flow
of goodbye energy builds an ever
expansive pustule and will soon implode.
Delicate membrane can but withstand
smaller punctures, and whirlwinds ruthless, bold
Category 5 strength, hit greenish land
woefully unprepared for such onslaught.
Gentle Goddess Demeter, Grain Mother
grants glad assistance to we whose hearts wrought
in fires of weeping grief, now watch brother
slay father, teacher fight student, to not
turn away in fearful woe or contempt
but instead face these times, love’s power intact.


#51 (Petrarchan)

How often have we partaken delights
that after continued exposure, lacked
original pleasure’s spark, but which backed
us into corners full imagined frights?
To be sure, we may have listened to lights
more wise than we, as eagerly we jacked
ourselves into the intense feelings, packed
as they were to bursting, then those nights
of hollow haunting, hovering terrors.
Mmmm…. Is this plight of boozer, compulsive
eater, junky, not self-same as our full
collective focus riddled with errors
lurching us deeper into repulsive
acts?  That we do not indeed our Selves rule?

(Can we wake from these addictions’ rapacious
”credit,” in God Herself’s domain capacious?)


#52 (Petrarchan)

Now that understanding has dawned—vEmpire’s end
wide view, full frontal, what’s in our faces
we must accept.  Inevitable.  What graces,
what actions now call us?  Time to bend
our hearts to our hearts.  Relationships we mend
with our best talents.  Our embraces
focus our love toward these luscious places
providing us beauty and strength.  Depend
we not on mediation twixt the soil
and our bodies!  Nation-state heydays long
passed into history.  Can afford
no longer absent landlords civil. loyal
no more to far-off centers singing song
”fake-riotic”  Regions will rule ’cross board.

(Secession? Maybe. But be not nervous–
Gaia may demand political service.


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