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Troy musings September 18, 2009

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This morning, as I was involved in my spiritual practice which includes “morning pages” (per Julia Cameron), I was musing about the various neighborhoods of Troy, where I live.  Where I’m putting down roots.  I’ve noted elsewhere that Little Italy has about it the spirit of the Witch Goddes Diana, who in Roman mythology is also the Lunar and Hunt Goddess.  The Greeks and Romans both desexualized Diana/Artemis, turning her into a virgin.  To the witches however, she had a lover named Lucifer.  The Light-Bringer.  Aradia, The Gospel of Witches by Charles Leland goes into further detail about stregheria.  But Diana is quite potent where I live.  She works with the local deities of the neighborhood and region, though their partnership is frequently tempestuous.

I was letting my heart’s eye drift to the other neighborhoods of Troy.   For example, Downtown Troy feels like a casual-cosmopolitan guy.  The Pawling/Emma Willard area feels “female elegant rogue,” sort of like the Glenn Close character in Dangerous Liaisons.  Only more Miss Manners, I guess.  Someone who’s eager for culture, but fickle and can decide you’re not worthy on a dime.  The Washington Park area feels also female, but bustling, maternal, busy, and involved.  Perhaps a bit too much, but not maliciously.  She’s eager and fun.  The Sage area feels a bit apart.  I sense that the Hudson River has quite a wonderful relationship with this spirit, and he feels quite content therewith.  He doesn’t really participate with the other nabe spirits, again not out of shame or malice.  Just not into it. 

Osgood feels a bit of a climber energy.  It feels like it tries a tad too hard, that on some level Osgood is sort of like Albany in the sense that it’s a “second tier neighborhood.”  It desperately doesn’t want to believe this but it does.  Perhaps a number of people derided the area and it took it to heart, and Osgood needs a bit of healing.  But it has to start within, and there are people there who are manifesting that.  It’s also a border region, for South Troy feels a mite chaotic and sometimes violent. 

What little I’ve been to RPI, it feels clean and crisp.  Not all college areas feel that way.  When I was in Hanover, N.H. in college, I certainly didn’t feel it was clean and crisp.  There was a hostility that hung in the air that knew all sorts of divisions.  The last time I was there, it felt quite different.  Calmer, a bit more integrated.  How that happened, I’d be curious to discover.

HVCC area feels, well, sterile-corporate.  I can’t really shake that feeling, alas.  Hope it changes, but HVCC and the shoppette across the street are part of that culture.  Hoosick Street east of RPI has the same feeling.

North of Hoosick–a mess!  A glorious mess.  Parts of it are delectable energy, and parts of it are rough.    And I would also like to explore Lansingburgh a bit more.  That area and the Oakwood Cemetery/Frear Park area fascinate me.  Frear Park I find a tad boring, to be honest.  But there’s an energy there that’s different too.

In any case, Troy was also the subject of an editorial in today’s Times-Union.  The Mayor recently turned down a big grant from the government relative to the building of a homeless shelter only a half-block away from me in Little Italy.  I don’t know how to read the mayor, other than to say he is not the one holding the reins really.  He may have the title, but the man is a figurehead IMHO.  Other cuntic forces are behind the fellow.  The editorial slammed the administration for its callousness, which is par for the course with this half-assed bunch.  It all reeks of arrogance and tit-for-tat pettiness. 

That being said, I think H.T. does have a major problem with poor people.  My partner once offered to the Mayor praise to Troy for its affordable housing, and our psychic vampire mayor sneered and said he hoped that would soon be changing.  Talk about extractive cuntishness!

That was an example of vEmpire consciousness letting it be known, “I’m here to suck your blood, sheeple!”  Reading between the lines of the editorial, energetically I would agree that this will come back to bite these necronomists in the ass.  And I’ll be smiling when it happens.

It’s funny to watch Mayor Scrooge and his henchmen “screwges” work their cuntics.  (Ha. antics + cunt= cuntics! T. Hee.)  But we Civ Addicts have no one but ourselves to blame.  We haven’t quite gotten to a level of leadership where our leaders are but trusted servants who do not govern.  Some would say this is a pipe dream, but I’m not so sure. 

The way our politics is run is that it is a politics.  It is not service, it is about “I’z gonna gitz me MAHNZ!”  There’s a disconnect in our culture that has equated corporatism/capitalist authoritarianism (what political scientists call “fascism,” as opposed to people who just spout the word) with “democracy” and the “republic.”  There’s also a disconnect between the appropriate roles of authority (I need to eschew the word “government” here for the time being) and capitalism as well.  A supreme irony is how many of the people agitating against the government complain about the underfunded transit systems that transport them to their protests and buses breaking down or arriving a half-hour late or don’t arrive at all.  In Troy, there was an example of this recently when there was an election about funding the library.  For some reason the ballot measure was split between authorizing a charter for one initiative then funding it with the other.  The Library had to campaign for 2 initiatives rather than one.  It won the conceptual one (gee, thanks) but the funding one went down to failure.  The opposition’s big mouth lives in Lansingburgh.  The Library had to shut down two branches due to the funding measure failing. 

Poetic justice:  One of those was the Lansingburgh branch.   The asshat who campaigned against it complained that the Library were shutting it down because they didn’t know how to raise funds.  Who knows WTF that means?

Jody and I have this running joke btw.  We are constantly observing a general trend on projects started within each of the 3 cities of the Capital Region, which I share, but from a place of affection and bemusement:

“Albany is Ugly,Troy is Half-Assed and Schenectady is Corrupt.”

Your trusted servant in these transition times,

Frostwolf T’Firerose!


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