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Third Tradition & TEOTWAWKI September 18, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Personal Journey.
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The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop [insert addiction here].” 

Basically, what this tradition stresses is that the membership needs to be open to as wide a net as possible.  The founders of AA, when they started to realize the pervasiveness of the problem of alcoholism, and then as the model spread to counter other spiritual maladies, they recognized that it required the self-definition aspect.  However, if the addict in question is anything like myself, she will need some convincing.  When I started my stints in two different programs, I knew on some level I needed to be there.  I just felt “home.”  With the food program, I was kicking-and-screaming inside.  I just HATED the notion that I couldn’t control my eating.  But I saw that the people in the rooms had something I wanted, and that kept me coming back.

This tradition allows someone like me, the person who doesn’t immediately identify, the option of staying there along with the other people in the room who have ID’d themselves as suffering from the mental, physical and spiritual dis-Ease of addiction. 

With this program in my mind’s eye, I see that this tradition needs to be pretty much open to anyone who’s opened their eyes to the way things are.  There are many seminal texts that can help open those eyes, from the poetry of Rumi and William Stafford, to websites such as Carolyn Baker’s, books by Derrick Jensen, Thomas Berry, Philip K. Dick, Octavia Butler and many others…  Pretty much anyone who has identified themselves as a nationality or a “sectual preference” such as Baptist or Sunni or Orthodox for example (as opposed to a tribal group), can call themselves a member of Civilization Anonymous.  Anyone who identifies with Charlie Brown running for Lucy’s inevitably withdrawn football, who can’t seem to walk away from shaming, belongs in these rooms.  We can help each other walk past the cuntic ones, and honor them in the process.

And the other thing about this tradtion:  We don’t have to do anything perfectly.  We can help each other through this.  These traditions remind us that “Together we can.”  That No One of Us Is Smarter Than ALL of Us.  No one is going to kick us out of Civilization Anonymous if we have the desire to stop being a party to our own self-hate and the oppression of our connections to one another, to the land, to other species, to the elements, to the cosmic birthright we all share. 

There is no need to deprive the benefits of a group such as this from anyone with that sincere desire to heal themselves and give it away so that they can keep it.  The circuit/current/flow/stream must continue and spread.  Health doesn’t just stay in a box, it travels.



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