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Doom Sonnets #46 – 48 September 16, 2009

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 I’ve come to understand there’s only one
prayer that works:  “May You Know God’s Will For You.”
Another way to say this prayer that’s fun?
“May sexual potency increase pour vous.”
It may seem to be wasted on Rudies.
I’d argue differently.  The lies on their brains
need the healing blue-flame sex for booties
in dire need of Star Goddess love!  Rains
of desire and joyous release can cleanse
so much detritus left by hate binges,
their rages toward projections of offense
taken by one’s mere existence.  Hinges
may come off the doorframes, and high time too!
Then clear ground can sprout innocence anew.



Could this Great Unraveling of collective
consciousness ready us for Grand Separation
much like Sorting Hat, viewing paths objective
for the budding and eager magician
sitting under its ancient circumference
and determining whether Gryffindor
or Slytherin for talents’ emergence?
Witnessing hatred’s blazing, mad tinder
that finds exaltations most public, screened
by millions these days, I can’t but wonder
whether there is information’s being gleaned
from each, as humanity asunder
is torn and passions pull Moms here, mothers
there, to create new worlds with new brothers…



 O.K.  Each day I sit in cubicle
hell, wait for bosses to give me the work
I’m paid to accomplish.  The cynical
path’s temptations call to me.  Yes, they lurk
inside micromanagers’ nervous eyes,
or inside stealthy psychopaths, vEmpire’s
heroes, in ruthless conquistador guise
plund’ring riches, necronomic fire.
Our children’s untapped vigor, streams wealth
from futures once bright, now mortgaged away
may stir yet, sleeping giant mental health
in a rush en masse, and sunlight warm, slays
these soulless bloodsuckers, poof! Combust!
Yea, dreams of jubilee!!! …
                                                   Still. Type.  I must.

 (“Hello, thank you for calling Fear, Misery
LLP.  Where we believe that grey’s CHEERY!”



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