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Multiple Streams IV September 15, 2009

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First of all, the notion of “stream.”  I have been given an instruction to pay attention to streams more.  To flows and streams.  I would imagine circuits would also be an aspect of that.  Current/currency.  The flow of money, just like the stream of water in a river current.

Today the Hudson was undergoing a flow, that was beautiful, and she told me I was beautiful and my prayers were powerful.  She had “taken my prayers down river.”  And up river as well, because the Hudson flows both ways.  The River is a dual flow’d creature, and she’s quite lovely all in all.


I’m reading Dan Brown’s new book.  Just into the first few chapters.  I like to read a potboiler every once in awhile.  It’s fun.  I was musing about the Masonic element though, and the book mentions Ben Franklin as one of them.  Hm.  I called my guide to me and asked him about that, and he said that even in the Masons, it’s like any other group.  Ther’s not ALWAYS a unity happening in the society.  And since it’s so secretive, how would any one of the rest of us know?  Hm.


Over the weekend, I performed in a talent show at a retreat.  I was blown away by one person’s talent especially.  Retreats are not places where I can mention someone else’s name.  So I won’t do that, but I thought about my own piece of it.  I didn’t give the best performance.  I can wow ’em, but I felt some self-doubt.  There are people who are more talented than I am.  Ah, there she is!  Compara Despaira.  I need to let my God work be my God work.  It’s good enough.


Honor seems to be a theme that’s popping up more.  Standing in my truth.  In my wholeness and integrity implies I act from a place of honor, but not only of myself.  In my session with my counselor on Friday, he suggested I honor the negativity in my workplace.  “Oh, there it is again!”  Be affectionate with it, and just honor it and let the stream go around me (that word again!) and through me, but not attach to it.  Yea!  I have another tool.


Doom Sonnets have their own stream, their own flow.  I will go for a long stretch without writing a single one and then all of a sudden, I have 5 appear in 2 days.  I do enjoy those moments, however.  Just wish they were more frequent.  But I suppose I can become aware of other flows apparent.


A fun transformation took place in my Friday session:  I had drawn the 5 of cups that day.  It’s a card associated with disappointment.  In the Cosmic Tribe, I have most times thought of the rainbow ending in a pile of smoked and fizzled dreams.  At the session, it occurred to me the stream could just as easily go the other way.  The fizzles might impel the rainbow, because the energy that wasn’t working had to be expelled and dissipated.


Jody and I closed on the house on Friday.  We are now looking for tenants.  It hasn’t quite hit me that I’m a “property owner” (really more a named deed-holder on a property that probably won’t be “mine” in any sense of the word, though I don’t have a bad feeling about that).  But I do feel a surge of power inside.  There’s a new order emergent, and I’m somehow being pumped!


(my ego… wants to believe… that I’m really… the dog. poet.)


Barbara Hand Clow said today, about the Virgo New Moon 2009 coming up on the 18th, that “you may feel a subtle peacefulness that seems to come from another dimension, a subtle AHA! that puts you in touch with the shimmering world, the golden world of childhood.  You could also be nearly overwhelmed by the download of a long list of all the things you must change right away.  If that haeppens, write them all down!  Take a few minutes to agree to change the things on your list–and then make a paper airplane out of it and fly it into the street.”  Andu, my Fetch, said “Me Like.  Me Like Mucho.  Yea!”



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