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Doom Sonnets #43 – 45 September 14, 2009

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“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
The indigenous peoples speak this truth
to those with cleaner ear.  The ancient lore
points to this time.  Accept it.  Need more proof
that the world can tolerate inaction
on our full throttle part?  With full madness
rising, pulling dissatisfaction
with how we thus far created sadness,
mayhem, suicidal destruction, push
poetry, dance and reverence out of view.
Toward collective doom we appear to rush.
No healing can find root, nor joy ensue.
But some few of us sound out the tidings
with hope we act as Paul Revere’s ridings.



Who am I?  I’m just another fellow
amongst fellows, really not that special.
But it’s hard, for I say not one “Hello”
to budding insanity more martial
each day than the last.  Yikes!  Can one blame me
for acting in safety? Invisible?
E’en well-meaning friends do try to shame me
every so often, calling my views risible
and my Cassandr’awarenesses that speak
only simple truths of how this dread landscape
appears to me, get filtered out.  They seek
only for coddling in dreams of escape
and all the while I shake my head, saddened
by nearing slaughter of calves full-fattened.



Unlike mis compadres who put their faith
into so-called democratic system
I held out no hope for change from this death
saturated vEmpire.  Vote? For twisted
contortionist candidates beholden
to them’s who brung them to the piggy dance?
I think not!  I know better. The golden
calves molded by tools necromance—
those loudest mouthed bellowers, shouting
their exhortations heavenward, badly
failed in seducing me thither.  Pouting
negaticians!  Kyriarchy’s madly
sputtering tub-thumpers.  Y’all trick hapless
rubes.  But you can’t forever rouse rabbles.



1. thevoyce2012 - September 14, 2009

LOVE IT!!! Thank you.

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