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Tradition Two and TEOTWAWKI September 11, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Personal Journey.
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This is the group conscience tradition for a 12 step group.  In the simplest terms, a group that follows the 12 Steps and Traditions relies upon the collective wisdom of the group to ascertain divine will for the way forward.  As Catherine Austin Fitts has noted on Solari.com, “No one is smarter than ALL of us.”  This tradition echoses that understanding.

“Our leaders are but trusted servants, they do not govern.”  This phrase puts the correct perspective on our groups, that they are comprised of everyday people like myself (or everyday Gods and Goddesses as myself, rather), and that each of us makes a contribution to the group’s workings, its continued existence, its needs, etc.  Were I to practice within a “Civilization Anonymous” meeting, I would be offering my own ESH on the struggle, trudging the road to Happy Destiny as “A Vision For You” outlines. 

Divine will sometimes comes with conflicts and disagreements.  It also comes with trial and error.  A group might decide to take a certain step that turns out to be a mistake.  Sometimes it’s a silly thing like making a beginner’s meeting “closed” out of the mistaken notion of protecting the members’ fragilities.  (What about the newcomer who doesn’t quite identify as a sufferer of the malady?  I was in that situation with one of my addictions–I had to have the freedom and security to be able to explore, ask questions, share from where I was at, and eventually to say “I belong here, yes I do, I do!”  If beginner’s meetings were closed, I wouldn’t have had that option with other newbies.)  Other times, it’s more serious.  I’ve heard of instances where a group decided en masse to align a meeting with a philosophy or a church. 

Vamonos post haste!  That meeting stopped being a meeting within whatever fellowship it was in.

There are other groups that have developed an internal authoritarianism.  Ask around within A.A.  It’s easily ascertained which meetings have that particular issue.  There are people who need it, but I’m not one of them.  They somehow continue to function, but they do get a reputation, and it’s only for some of the more damaged among us.  Program “Nazis” do have their place.

Which reminds me of a quote I read in Albert J. LaChance’s Cultural Addiction.  In Step Six of that examination guide, he quotes the Dhammapada which states:  “Let us live happily then, not hating those who hate us.  Among those who hate us, let us dwell free from hatred.”  This touches on a theme I’ve been cogitating on in these pages.  How does one love a Glen Beck or a Bill O’Reilly if one is a gay witch playwright-blogger-actor/etc., with an advanced degree and an Ivy League “pre-uneducation?”  I don’t know that I can do that, but I can at least see the bile rise up inside me and put it through the water/fire/air/earth/aether of transformation.  And I do.  Constantly.

“A healthy priest tends all things, keeps all things sound.”

In the rooms of a 12 Step group, we are all called upon to attend to one another, to love the newcomers until (and beyond the point where) they start to love themselves.  Love is the name of the game, and some of us are sicker than others.  I’ve seen how we try and make space for all sorts of whackos.  As one whacko amongst other whackos.  Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions provide a context for a holy awe (what Hawaiians call makahu). 

And that is what I hope will start to take place during TEOTWAWKI.  “We must love one another or die.”  W. H. Auden said it first, then Larry Kramer amplified it.  It’s still true today.  And even though there are people who are living inside a death, or rather an intermezzo between the life of the child self hungry for all sorts of experience and not quite to the place where they fall in love with the world anew.  Still, I must live amongst them, as do we all.  I have been one of them.  I could be one of them again–all I have to do is step over to a store and get a package of something by the register.  It’s that simple and that devastating, I might add.  One day at a time, I’m able to walk past the pharmacy counters.  Never even think about it, except in moments that help me to “keep it green.”

We have all sorts of opportunities to keep our Civilization/Culture Addiction green.  Any store or street will do.  Countless examples of a necroculture around us, of the necronomy/vEmpire brazenly swinging its tentacles outward, enticing us toward its fangs, fresh blood for cunting.

But love holds the promise.  Acceptance holds the answer, the key.  The 2nd Tradition remindsus to begin where we are at, and trust that the people around us are the “right ones” who will assist in the creation of a brand new world-view.  For this notion of a 12 Step approach to riding out TEOTWAWKI must hold that none of us is valueless in this road-trudge. 

All of us count, even if haters try to divide us against ourselves, because they can’t see their self-satanization that occurred when they declared so-and-so to be their adversary/enemy.  They embody their own worst fears, and they can’t be turned away either.  As hard as it is to do, and that is where the next tradition will come in.

To be continued…


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