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Doom Sonnets #39-42 September 9, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in doom sonnets.


As all this excess emptiness turns waste
(so sad, this potential swirls down fast drain),
as constricted menta make undue haste
to Gaza-fy all outside their brain
visions, hallucinated in right wing
miasma, oxycontin, crystal meth
induced, and the postmodern goose-stepping
whip out A K four-sevens, bang out death
her, then genocide there, many heart folks
green chakra radiant sp9illing love’s rays
profligate, fecund warming flames to stoke
ecstatic ovens baking hotter grace
will their effortless calm and cool-headedness
arrive in time to dance forth readiness?



With today’s vaporous news tailor-spun
tapping symphonic on buttons installed
Via culture-addiction’s injection
methods so elegantly set for bald
Pronouncements “Go to Town Hall Springfield
and raise holy Christian hell for Jesus
over socialist healthcare screaming ‘Child
killers, rapists, Nazis, foreign Caesars!’”
I’m tempted to just turn my back on them.
These half-wit troglodyte orcs run rampant
to terrorize, intimate as grim
reminder of that shadowy infant
we all have inside.  I can O’Reilly
too, and pollute the air just as highly.



One more secret fantasy I have?  Life
On this earth spontaneously changes.
Humanity cleans up its act.  All strife
dissipates to manageable ranges
of conflicts and tiffs easy to settle,
and the economy extractive ceases
to plunder its rapacity.  Little
tasks like saving seeds, canning, eases
forward and claims a handsome place up front
and neighbors emerge from isolation
tendered so assiduously, confront
their awkward trips from alienation
to meet and greet the cute stranger next door
and start up a friendship long yearned for.



Stranger things have happened.  I suffered long
years dreaming suicide in Denver town
my high school past. Near drunk parents who wronged
me once from willful fears bestoked by frown
faced, Grundy-gross white geezers diddling
their altar boys no doubt, pointing fingers
away from their grievous sins, belittling
we gay men with some insane wrought zingers
to magnify our otherness to out-sized
proportions.  Ugh!  I prayed this plight
be removed.  Somehow God Herself heard, surprised
me and answered my prayer, almost o’ernight!
Seattle saw me hence, new resident!
So sudden changes do have precedent!

(Indeed, Mom Himself Hasten strange things now
and cause your children to shout amazed WOW.)


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