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Multiple Streams III September 8, 2009

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Stream I

I’ve been dreaming a lot about New York City for some reason.  I guess it makes some sense because it’s the place I’ve lived the longest thus far.  I lived there from September 1993 to September 30, 2005.  Before that, I lived in Northglenn, Colorado from 1966-1976 or so.  About 10 years, while I lived in the East Village for 12.  I don’t have that many dreams about Northglenn though.  (Coincidentally to this posting, I was thinking about a couple of girls from my class at Woodglen Elementary this morning.)  I have a sense that there is some momentous but quiet mystery brewing there today, most specifically in the West Village near 7th Avenue and 12th Street.  Not sure why, but that particular location (near the Pleasure Chest, if it still exists) has been looming large in my consciousness today.

I’ve had a few dreams of late where I’ve been above ground in New York.  Frequently, I dream of being in the subway system.  Sometimes I attribute a “behind the scenes” sort of operation taking place, and I’m a part of the building of a new culture from the ground up.  Of late, I’ve been more in the upper world.  In a dream last night, I was way up on one of those upper floors of one of the big buildings housing a snazzy law firm.  One of my current co-workers was overworked in the dream, and snappish (though not to me, thank goddess;  I was just an observant, compassionate witness).  In a second dream, I was sort of a tourist, but there with some loose purpose which had to do with meeting people who were into addressing our triple crises, and I saw a thread of internet conversation going on between a fellow I knew in the dream, who was a paragon of the “movement” and a woman named “Jazmine”.  I saw him on the dais of this public forum–there was all this carnival atmosphere about, lots of fun.  The fellow recognized me as I pointed up to him to  wave hello.  He came down the stairs and he said my name before I could say “Hi.”  I was deeply honored and impressed.  We started chatting, and we went back up the dais and he introduced me to Jazmine, a delightful Hispanic woman, and I saw my boss standing there awkwardly to the side.  Ahh…hah…   I could tell he was a mite surprised, perhaps horrified to see me chatting so easily with this fellow.  I don’t doubt the two of them had their disagreements.  It was “quite gingerly,” if you know what I mean.

These aren’t the only times NYC has been in my dreams of late.  Interesting to me to see that it’s a sort of pattern swarm, especially since this weekend.

Stream II

From now on, I will probably be blogging about the theme of wholeness.  Integrity, unity, whatever else might be appropriate words.  But wholeness will now be a focus of devotion based upon my work this weekend.  “What is the Wholeness of this God?”  Observations and musings on this will come and go as the times go by.  And what’s sort of cool, is that this weekend after class, I stumbled on a book called The Thirst for Wholeness by Christina Grof.  Goddess moves in mysterious ways indeed.

Stream III

Over the weekend, the Red God, the fiery earthy one showed up in my dreams.  I had this amazing dream where I seemed to be first in New York, then in Albany, then in Denver.  The NYC part of my dream featured me and Kitzel-bitz in my E.Vil. apartment on E. 2nd Street.  I left to go to my therapist appt.  Somehow it was related to my workday, though I can’t remember why.  My appointment was at 11.  In the dream I thought 11 a.m., but the time in the dream seemed to be night.  I showed up at the coffee bar here on State Street just as it was closing, and asked if I could scoot through on my way to my appointment.  I was sort of hoping to wait there in case there wasn’t a waiting room.  (Guess it was my first time at the counselor’s office.)  The counselor was my former Denver therapist, though her waiting room felt like the therapist’s I had in New York City many moons ago.  There was a sexy fellow in a light brown suit there.  On his right foot, he  had on a simple black flip flop, showcasing a handsome foot indeed.  But his left foot–oh, my!

It reminded me of a dragon claw, but there were no talons.  It was huge in comparison to the normal male adult right foot, but this one had all sorts of gnarls and add-ons, and un-foot-y protruberances.  It reminded me of my right pinky toenail, which shapes itself oddly to accomomodate my shoes, I suppose.

For some reason I felt this to be one of the most sexy things I’ve ever seen in my life.  The dude was a muscular fellow, and I could sense there was something vaguely military/police about him.  Yet I couldn’t resist hopping onto his back and giving him a spontaneous massage. While I did surprise him, he didn’t kick me off.  It was as if  he didn’t know that he needed it.  He groaned in pleasure.  So, a fellow student, upon hearing the dream, said that I was visited by Shaitan.  Ahh!

The sexy mischief maker has been more a part of my awareness these past couple of days too.  Somehow he’s becoming more pronounced as I move into the wholeness of this Frostwolf T’Firerose that I AmT

Stream IV

Fractals, and … (sound of heads exploding!)



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