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Egotism and Transformation September 2, 2009

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The other day, I was introduced to this emerging character to be called “the Dog Poet.”  It was in a rather playful context, and I think I might be able to jump into this with both feet, but…  I have to address this pesky ego thing.

See, like a lot of people in these times, I have this notion of “maybe some day … I’LL BE FAMOUS!!!!!”  (With all the cha-chings and bells and whistles that would imply.)  And on paper, I don’t think I really want that.  But when it comes up, it can take me for a good ride, much like the notion of winning the lottery.  And really they’re pretty much the same thing when you come right down to it.

Anyway, I see these things now as opportunities to change something about myself.  Like the envy thing that happened a couple of weeks ago, I see that there is a lesson inside my egotistical impulse to attempt to hog a limelight that doesn’t even exist.  (Yet.)

I have the sense that this dog poet figure that the web-bots have picked up on is a real person, but is it I lord?  *smirk*  The Dog Poet would seem to reside in us all, I think.  And like with Christ, I feel we all need to become that energy through the very vehicles of our being. 

Transforming ego is something that we don’t just do once, btw.  It’s something we constantly have to do, to right size it in relation to our other aspects, the child self and the true Godself, the most perfect part of me.  (And you, and you, and you–of course.)  This whole time is to find our defenses, confront them, and discover our true strenghtss in the process.  Then push forward.  Should we survive these traumatic times, we will be quite resilient, and dare I say gorgeous beings indeed.



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