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Doom Sonnets #35 & 36 August 31, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, doom sonnets.
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Two more for my singular genre for the singularity.



Well, Christmas is coming! Huzzah, Huzzahs!
Are you going to get to shopping soon?
Patriotic duty calls to bazaars
for to purchase useless totems! O Swoon!
Yes, Retailers all! Pull out the couches
dusting up from under usage.  Tremens
Deliria shoppa-genic should banish grouches
of all stripes, and once again lines of women’s
apparel direct from Shanghai, children’s
playthings bespritzed with melamine yummies,
golf clubs and lawncare bullcrap for de men’s
capped with Hostess Twinkies for the tummies,
should appease some grinning Christian Molochs
hiding midst piety-spilling bollocks





Hm. The Dow’s up again, you say? Fancy.
What good it will do at necronomy’s
end is hard to say.  Fiat currency
nears its winding-up.  Will lobotomies
become the rage again?  To medicate
these hardest feelings, as life as we’ve known
it—Tox results of fragile syndicate—
vanishes in plumes of black smoke, blown
hither and yon since Hermit-Justice day.
(o that hidden 23! Salvation
rising phoenix out this orb of clay some day?)
We deny plutocrats’ termination
Pathetic, we, clutching Brooks-Brothers hems
of pant legs, those who’ve yoked us through bank scams.



1. punkrocksocial - September 2, 2009

Brilliant idea

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