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Uneasiness Today… August 28, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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Last night, I had 2 dreams that on the surface seemed innocuous enough.  In the first, I was at some sort of theater event, and I was dressed rather “suave 70s”–white turtleneck, corduroy suit, shades, feathered hair.  I also had a beard and was a mite taller than I am. I was talking with a mother and a daughter.  The girl was about 10 or 11, and was quite precocious.  She had written the introduction to a book and was reading it aloud to us.  I complimented her on it, and she said she thought it needed editing.  I actually agreed with her, but I said it was good nonetheless and she should be proud.  Her mother was all smiles, but she was also anxious about something.

For some reason when I awoke to go to the bathroom, I thought about the pyramids in Egypt, and mused that they were probably a portal of some sort to a spaceship that waited below the site.  Odd that such a thing should arise in my headspace.  But there you have it.

After that, I had a difficult time getting to sleep.  My thoughts drifted to this thing then another, stupid work crap, stupid non-profit organization crap, etc.  I finally got up and went into my parlor and grabbed my morning page notebook and started writing.  Not till after I drew my card, rune & ogham for the day.

The card interestingly was the 10 of swords, which I take to be the end of delusion, the ripping away of the veil.  In short, apocalypse in the classic “epiphany” sense of the term.  My unease increased.  (The ogham was willow, and the rune was Ingwaz, fyi.)

I performed a tarot reading about this unease later, and asked if it was somehow real, or was this just a caffeine related thing.  Interestingly, the first card out was the Tower, covered again by the 10 of swords and crossed by the Hanged Man.  The blocked card was sadly, The Sun, and the final result was the 8 of swords, which suggests apathy and being a drama queen.  The advice of the cards, bafflingly was the 9 of swords, which in the Rider-Waite deck features a woman sitting up in bed weeping or holding her head as if after a scary/sad nightmare.  At least that’s what I usually think of.  It could be that “I’m just scaring myself.”  But there’s also a hint of accepting whatever comes and just being with it.  Later, I opened up a Spanish-English dictionary randomly and pointed at a word, and the word was “case.”

The other dream was about trying to get to work.  First off, I started out in the identiity of one of my co-workers in the dream, and one who seems to be quite stressed.  And I was already late–it was 8:30 a.m. and I was just leaving for the bus.  I seemed to be in the suburb I grew up in at first, then I was on a road that seemed somewhat Albany-familiar, and I saw the bus coming not too far away.  It was a stretch of road I was unfamiliar with however, and I ran to find the stop, and noticed that traffic was halted.  I almost got slimed by a garbage truck, and scooted out into the traffic-heavy street that had basically become a parking lot, and saw that ahead was an exceptionally long semi that was unloading who knows what, and it looked rather stationary for the time being.  I felt that it was going to be there a while, and that catching the bus was a moot point now.

The dream shifted and I was back to being me, and I entered a G/L coffee bar with a lot of books for sale.  There were no men in the place, it was all lesbians, and they had attitude to boot.  I just wanted coffee anyway.

The scene shifted once more and I was in someone’s house, and I was in shorts, but there was snow on the ground.  (How Colorado!)  People from work were there, and they were all at loose ends about the fact that hardly anyone was there.  No one was dressed for work either.  It was all quite cazh.  (How does one spell that word, the diminutive of “casual”?)

Even so, since I was an assistant some people decided to give me things to do.  Yippee.  I woke up wondering about the sanity of one of these people, an attorney named “Mary” who wanted me to photocopy index cards on a non-existent copy machine.  The space for it was quite empty, and I narrowed my eyes at her in frustration.

I’ve been having a bunch of work-related dreams of late.  The other night, one of my bosses gave me work to do.  “I told her yesterday and she said “I’m sorry,” to which I said “How dare you?” ironically.  Quite hilarious.)  Themes often pop up in my dreams.  One recurring theme is the subway, which I think is about needing to see beneath the surface of things, and seeing where these avenuses take me.  Haven’t had one of those in awhile.

On the bus this morning, there weren’t many people on it, but I found it interesting that one person was reading a book called “Why Sh*t Happens: The Science of a Very Bad Day” and I saw another person was reading a book by Eric IDLE. 

Nothing has happened. Thus far.  At least.  I would like to breathe a sigh of relief.  I told Jody about it earlier, and he asked me if I thought he would be all right heading to Williamstown for further research into his cousin.  I said I didn’t feel like I could really say, but that I would feel better if he didn’t go, but that he should at least do his own divination beforehand.  He did so, said it looked all right. 

Wlell.  I don’t plan to blog over the weekend.  Things change however, and I might.  I do have an appt. with a psychic and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve been wanting a reading with her for awhile, and have felt envious when Jody has received readings from her.

I might blog later, yet again though.  About the fifth chakra in the Jarow book, and visioning through my boredom and frustration.  Ah, yes.  Fecundity in everyday experience.  There if I want it!!!



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