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Passion, Third Chakra and North Node-Cancer, Third House August 27, 2009

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In seeking out what kindles that fire in the belly, I’m struck by an astrological synch-up with my birth chart.  Astrologers have started to structure their readings around the placement of the nodes in a person’s chart.  The rule of thumb is that the north node is about where a person is to grow in this lifetime, and the south is that which the native does so well, it’s rather a stagnation to continue along those lines.

The ninth house is where my south node is, in Capricorn.  I’ve been a dean at university  or the Abbot of an abbey or held ome such role in past lives, so much so that it’s time I avoid such things.  Even to be a university professor or to go on my own personal pilgrimage to the mountain top would be contraindicated.

The Third House however, is the place of elementary/high shocol education, and also the local neighborhood.  (The Ninth, in contrast, is also about globalized systems.)  The third house is about being here now, really.  In the midst of the gossip, the laundry, the hubbub of kids playing in the back yard.  It’s about siblings and short trips and writing and word-of-mouth communication. 

I also have my Moon in Cancer in the third.  So for me, it takes on an added emotional punch.  As I get older and really feel what juices me up, a longing for a deeper communication with my landbase,, and particularly with the trees really juices me.  Today, I hugged my willow tree teacher Eleusis over at the park by the Hudson.  Gosh it felt good!

My communication style needs to be Cancerian–nurturing, sensitive, accepting, maternal even.  And as I delve into the third chakra, that belly fire, I discover all manner of third house/north node connections.  For instance, I want to teach playwriting for this region during this Triple Crisis, as Carolyn Baker refers to it.  Or more generically, as the Great Predicament (h/t to J.M. Greer).  So, I’m sitting down and starting to put together a trifold flyer to hand out, and maybe I’ll even (shudder) create a logo!  (Yich, shoot me someone, if I want to get it trademarked.)

I also discovered today that there’s to be a Transition Initiative training up at Spirit Hollow next month–just 40 minutes away in Bennington, VT.  (Yea, Vermont!  Go Secession!)  Andrew Harvey will be speaking there at the end of September too.  Gosh, I’d love to meet some other folks there, from down this aways.  Vermont is fabulicious, and part of me would like to move there.  But I’m here buying a 3 unit home in Troy, and I’m feeling very pleased with where things are.  If I could be two or three places at once (Heck, why not four, with Albany and Schenectady in the mix!), I would love to have a multifarious existence in the Mad River Vlaley.  But right now it’s not meant to be.

The upper Hudson is what gets my attention and my love today.  It’s a beautiful relationship.



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