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Mind and Group Mind August 20, 2009

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Like most people, I’m part of many groups.  In some of these, I occupy a more central place than in others.  There are groups where it might seem I occupy a central place, but the group mind is diffuse, permeating everything.

At most workplaces, there is a centralized hub–though in looking at some books I’ve encountered of late, this isn’t necessarily true of every organization.  And I am firmly convinced that 12-step models for groups where the traditions are the foundation of internal structures is a pretty good way of putting together a group.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be turf wars and the like, but it puts the politics in a context of “first things first,” and what is the primary purpose of the organization.  To be sure, this only works for those organizations that are not all about bottom-line fixation or ego-gratification of the central place-holders.  But, IMNSHO, such a monarchical point-of-view meets quick discrediting over time.

I don’t really think much about accessing the group mind of my workplaces.  For the most part, the arbiters thereof are quite remote from me.  They’re pretty much like absentee landlords.  I might grouse about something or other, but for the most part I really could not care less about the inner workings of this or the last 3 places I worked.  It’s a job.  This isn’t my life. 

Sometimes I wonder about that attitude, particularly after having read Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul so many times.  Be that as it may, my approach to the central mind of my recent workplaces is basically, let’s not interact too much.  I feel that the other side of the equation is only too happy to do so, as I might remind the individuals therein that there’s more to life than this.  (To their loss, I might add.  Not out of a sense of arrogance, but more from that place of “oh, you’re so close!!!”)

In my magickal experience, I see for some reason that medium-sized and big-ass magick seems to be where I have some effect.  Don’t really know why that is, but I sense that some of the things I’ve done spells for that are about societal/systemic aspects have been coming true.  On a more personal scale, I’ve done spell work for getting out of debt and for a deepening of community, and the two speels seem to have merged, coming forward as they are with the purchase of a house with 2 rental units.  (Wonder how I’ll feel about this with the economy going the way it is.  Perhaps a new way of doing business is emerging?) 

I sense there’s a much larger mind at work right now, one that is able to dissolve ties within ossified and vEmpire organizations both that I can tap into, and that seems to understand that a little jiggle here and a tap there–hey, that company you don’t like?  Just read the papers and, btw, do so during one of your abstinent meals! (As opposed to “get the popcorn”, though I suppose I could say, “get the cockporn!”)

(I am sometimes amazed at the power available to me, and to anyone else for that matter…)

There are some instances too when my magick isn’t going to work because I seem to want something too much.  I’ve said prayers and done visualizations over scripts of mine getting productions.  No dice, I’m afraid.  There is something not quite right about the desire, methinks.

I need to start and do some smaller magick, like acquiring a five dollar bill that is above and beyond my bank balance/available cash on hand, or manifesting a parking spot some day when I need to have one.   Still, I do have a strong sense that medium and large magick are some things that I really have a zing for.  And I am glad, indeed.

This all makes me aware of how my thoughts interact with the reality I inhabit.  There are those who would have me overestimate my place in the universe by stressing how much I “Create My Own Reality!” just as there are those who profit by downplaying any power I possess.  As Duane Elgin remarked in The Living Universe,  we are the size we are as human beings, as powerful giants in the universe whether we understand that or not, because this is the optimal size for the types of co-creation that we can do.  Nature again, is so effin’ wise!

And so I tap into universal mind right now.  This morning, Melek Taus was looking/sneering/smiling at me as I meditated and … another “m”-past tense verb.  (Peacock Angel usually appears to me naked–I can’t help myself!)  I have been more directly praying to access awareness of the work of this God of late, and I feel that things are moving forward there.  Feel like much is in place, and it’s only a matter of a tweak there, and a jiggle here, and I will be able to have a clearer sense of the pathway through.  I have patience, and I remember gratitude.



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