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poem: TEOTWAWKI August 19, 2009

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When I see the word, I feel like a God
is talking to us.  What does Teo
Twawki want for us?  Truly, I look forward
to this perspectival death, their viewpoint
defended through firepower, and I might
add, all signifying negative 23.

This god of an endpoint, TWAWKI,
careens joyously headlong into walls of steel
reinforced concrete, brick.  A death mind
emerges from a primeval past to claim
the carcass once its ghost is up-given
and a new frame to experience world blossoms.

Whill you have an Emily Webb moment?
What will you say loving goodbyes to,
as she hailed a farewell to clocks ticking?
I look forward to the kiss off of the 9 to 5
cubicle hell endured as daily corpseorate getby
Marking time to civilized heat death, rah-rah-rah!

What will life be like ten years hence,
let alone one hundred?  I hope to see myself
traipsing around wearing the air–root chakra
and all–bestowing sex-stellar radiance
upon all who would cherish and desire it.
Oh, maybe I’ll wear a feathered cape. When it’s cold.

This is a time to activate the dreamtime
and pull forth our true selves lying dormant
covered by all sorts of saranwrap enslavements.
Therefrom rises our salvation from direst
calamities about to befall our species
not that we didn’t contribute to it. But still…

I pray to know the Work of this God,
what is this God’s will, and to know myself
in all my parts–terrestrial and stellar,
angelic, diabolic and all points betwixt,
and to be able to enact this God’s most
sacred will, one day at a time, laser-lensed.

And so it begins, even in this quiet Willow
tree moment.  My leafy teacher Eleusis
pushes out these words without too much
effort.  I do so live for such moments,
of gratitude and acceptance most deep,
these transformative world-bridge times.

The place this soil longs to create comes
forth through the blessed visions kindled
in this Deity’s mind’s eye, ears, senses.
I sing a joyous, golden nurturing world
into being, from aloes, mint and goldenrod thrones.
Join me in dance and craft a spell for our future.



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