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Today’s Meme: Community August 13, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Civilization Anonymous, Personal Journey.
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Ah, the hard work of getting to know one’s neighbors… I went into my back yard yesterday morning and discovered that someone had tossed an empty coke bottle over the alley fence into my garden.  It was cradled amidst the ginormous squash leaves that some of our plants have grown.  I imagine it was some kid who had done it, but anymore one can’t be too sure.

Today I’ve seen this theme emerging, and it’s interesting that I drew the Universe card for which this may hold community as  a subtheme.  The local and the global seem to merge together, a yin and yang polarity.  Carolyn Baker and Energy Bulletin and Reality Sandwich all have some piece talking of or asking for input into the raising of communities.

I surf over to the LATOC forum quite a bit, and I have to say I feel quite a bit of frustration and sadness about the state of some of the posters’ hearts and souls.  I would be curious to discover an age breakdown of its populace–I imagine there are quite a few people pre-Saturn return as well as some people in their early-mid 30s who are still mind-enamored.  When faced with the need to create community in one’s home area, it’s quite daunting.  Because it means you have to actually listen to people, and ask questions.  And when there are crazy people about for whom there is no rationality on view, it can get quite demoralizing unless detachment comes forward to release the both of us from the beat-head-against-brick-wall conversation. 

Again those pesky three C’s (didn’t cause it, can’t cure it, can’t control it) pop up to remind us all about forces greater than ourselves.

Even when there are people whose sanity level is at least tolerable, it can be quite difficult, especially when one has to deal with someone who’s a bit oversensitive or impatient or temperamental.  Basically with the oversensitive person, the best I can do is apologize or make amends even though I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything wrong, or, if I don’t care about what this person brings to the table, just say “whatever, there’s the door.”  With the impatient person, I try and look them in the eye, and hopefully calm them down just with that simple act of recognizing them.  With the temperamental person, just don’t take any of their outbursts personally.  These are fairly simple strategies for certain difficult people.

My partner called earlier to tell me he wishes to act as a mentor to others, and so too do I.  I listen to people in my fellowship talk about their lives, and I for the most part say little, unless I’m asked.  People need allies, and we need to find those people who are eager and excited to join us in our plans, who might have plans themselves that juice us up. 

The question we need to ask each other is simple:  “What are you interested in that might stir my passions?”



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