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“I never write, I never call…” August 10, 2009

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Oh, how the spirits long to speak to us.  I think that one of the reasons I write is because I know on some level that people who leave behind books, plays, films, etc., know that somehow people will communicate with them through the work itself, after they’ve passed.  I wonder what sorts of conversati0ns my spirit has had with, say Shakespeare or Flaubert or Fassbinder.  This would also extend to art works and dance as well.  I’m sure that Balanchine and Robbins have some dialogue with me as an audience member, and that I’m having some effect on Renoir’s spirit when I see one of his images.

In a way, it makes for some short-hand.  It’s not the same as having a dialogue with the ancestors however.  In setting down a favorite food in a dumb supper for the ancestral ones, and having a grand conversation about it all.  I”ve had lovely conversations at the ancestral campfire with various sorts of people.  Quite helpful it’s been.

And it’s not just the ancestors.  I work with several deities and guides, and I rotate among them on a daily basis.  For example, today is a day I have the need to commune with both Odin and the Elk.  They each have different areas of life they look after with me.  Elk seems to think I’m on the track to becoming “famous” whatever that means.  I sit here and wonder if it isn’t even an ego thing going on. 

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit bad and sad that I’m not keeping up with some of my obligations, parrticularly where the ancestors are concerned.  One of my various guides told me that there’s a line of relatives who are largely inaccessible to me as of now.  I get the feeling there is a closedness to these ancestors, and they really don’t trust one who wishes to be as open as I do.  They just don’t know how to respond to it.  So they stay away.  Whatever.  I hope they gain the courage and the strength.

And I hope that, now that the show is done with, I will be able to focus on these devotions more to my liking and my ability.  Yea!



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