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Collapse Tarot Reading August 4, 2009 August 7, 2009

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The other day I decided to perform a tarot reading on where things stand right now with good ol’ TEOTWAWKI.  The collapse of this delightful artificial woyld.  I had done an earlier reading using a 7-card structure Jody’s worked with many times, and which seems to work for him.  The Celtic Cross has always worked pretty well for me, and I had been feeling that the 7-card reading wasn’t giving me the info I needed.  So I’ve gone back to it.

I draw the significator randomly, and in this case, it came up the Page/Princess of cups.  Curiously, this is the card I drew when I asked the tarot “what card signifies the 9-11 event?”  I think it speaks of some of our unconscious messaging breaking through our fortresses o’denial.  Covering it was the 10 of swords–that denial has been totally and irrevocably ruptured.  Delusions have been rent asunder.  Crossing it is the 5 of cups, which is deep disappointment and a sense that the best times have left us.  In the Rider-Waite deck, 3 cups are spilled, but 2 are remaining.  We can choose to focus on the 2 cups remaining.  Having the delusions ripped aside and our attendant disappointments make this a poignant and piquant time.

The foundation was the page/princess of  swords.  We’ve been receiving messages for awhile, and some of us at least have been acting on them.  The 2 of cups is the recent past–being enamored of … something/someone.  Again, I think there’s a love of TWAWKI, if you will, that is unrealistic, and then a real love of the material realm which everyday folks can return to, and some of us are, if only in psychic and emotional preparation.  The best outcome would be for Queen of Swords type compassionate and perceptive evaluators, to come forward and go through our various ways of life and make recommendations.  As it happens, we are heading into a time of some individuals quietly asserting leadership as others belligerently seek control and domination.

The blocked path came up the King of Pentacles–no more business as usual.  No moretime or energy to waste  focusing on money and status.  The environment is the environment, literally.  The World card came up, and our planetary mother is calling the shots, even if we don’t like it much.  The advice of the cards is to work with the world, in the form of the Wheel of the Year.  It’s a strong focus that will take us to where we want to go.  (Skanekta anyone?) 

And the final outcome is the Magician–all of us stepping forward and deciding whether we claim our own sacred authority or not.  Those of us who do have a pretty good shot of making something positive once the warlords and control-thieves have their say.  Keep our eyes on the prize, and never forget the important question, what sort of world to I envision?  What sort of world is that this person desires?  Are they the same?  If not, can I support their world, or do I stand off and wish them well, or worse yet, duke it out?  (We may have to–you never know.)



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