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More on Service – Meme! August 5, 2009

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Once again, I seem to be a part of a meme.  Or rather a pattern swarm, I guess.  I posted on service yesterday, and in my 12-step daily questions that I turn over to my sponsor along with my food for the next day, I have been working on the 7th Tradition which is about our groups being self-supporting through our OWN contributions.  One of the questions I answered recently had to do with the idea that when the hat is passed, that is the location where spirituality and filthy lucre can join together.

All of the steps and traditions are mysterious in their workings.  And the 7th, which I had previously thought “feh!” about, that all it was for the groups was a reminder that we have to pay our own way, and not find ourselves beholden to some outside person or enterprise, turns out to have some really deep mysteries associated with it.  Simple acts, it reminds us, are all from which our program is comprised.  And that contributions can come in all shapes and sizes, but that we need to remember to support our groups with the basics, to cover the rent at least.

Service has popped up in a couple of my “wu-wu” blogs of late as well, and then I watched Wayne Dyer’s latest DVD The Shift last night.  I had been exposed to it when I visited my counselor’s office 2 weeks ago, and it brought tears of of joy to my eyes.  I was so overcome in his office, I had to cry a little.  It was wonderful.  Again I cried a bit last night, but I understood that I had been transformed via my weight loss.  And I’m still in that crucible.  I’m truly blessed.

Service and gratitude increase those blessings, and the thing I need to start to integrate into my life is to wish/pray others receiving what it is I want for myself.  And to pray opportunities to give service to enter my life. 

Thought all this was interesting, so I thought I’d keep this communication with Spirit going.



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