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Nature/Heart-centered Truth Pattern Swarm August 3, 2009

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In my own personal experience of things Internet-ish, I’m seeing a few memes popping out.  I’ve seen a few articles/pieces that reference speaking from a place of one’s truth, and seeing through the bullshitters.  I find it refreshing to note  that someone such as Charles Eisenstein can observe when he’s being arrogant, while someone else is spewing their own sort of arrogance.  Classic case of “spot it, you got it.” Which is another way of saying “Oh, you should talk!”

Being around individuals who “have gotten enlightement, man…” – well, let’s just say I tend to bite my tongue.  I have been in that place, and seeing it always tempts me to get into a lecture mode.  Now, I’m one for planting seeds, but one has to be careful about that.  I was musing about the ways my own mind can get deluded with self-imprtance.  If it’s true for me, and I have been graced with the ability to hear my grandiosity and egotism before taking an action, I’m grateful.  Because too often, I see people who aren’t hearing their own divine messaging, and are enamored of their Talkers’ amazing gifts, though they are far from the divine grace bestowed by Godself.

I mock my own pretensions to lecture, and I mock the pretensions of those who would lecutre me.  Right now, I need to find a way to mock Dion Fortune, who is a victim of period-specific homophobia.  An uniformed and judgmental creature, this Fortune person in a chapter on the Binah sephiroth describes homosexuality as a perversion.  That’s the thought back then, and that’s the limits of a merely dualized sexuality.  She mistakes duality for polarity, however.  There is murkiness and confusion in what the creature says.  The soul is bi-sexual.  And if the body is IN the soul, doesn’t it so follow the body is bisexual too?  Guh!

(Must do kala.  Must do kala. . . Ah!)

In the rooms we talk of taking what we can and leaving the rest.  So.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen homophobic cabalists.  There seems to be a macho sort of posturing amongst the more notable ones.  Rather disturbing if you ask me.  Perhaps this is an area that I should only read on, and focus on more congenial areas, such as the story of Merlin, and Greco-Roman myths.  Many divinity stories include gay and lesbian moments in the divine expressions of the Orisha/deities/gods and goddesses, etc. 

And of course, there’s Dumbledore…

Interestingly enough, there’s a dovetail of truth with the attention to nature.  I decided to purchase a book based on a discussion over at LATOC about the chair as being the source of fascism.  Or something like that.  Our bodies long to be connected to nature–I know it’s true of me.  I have to get outside at lunch time–I’ve even taken to eating at my desk in the hour BEFORE I go out, to maximize my outdoors time.  But there have been a couple of essays about “ecopsychology” if you will, the benefits of exposing oneself to dirt, water, light, sun, forests, etc.  Nietzsche said, evidently, never trust a decision that was made without first having taken a walk in nature. 

I look at it as choosing a natural backdrop for taking necessary pauses.  And it’s true that taking even a walk along the Hudson River helps me immensely to sort out thoughts.  For some reason, water especially helps me.

This past week, I’ve been out Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont to put on our theater’s summer festival.  I’m in and producing the Director’s Project, and we have a children’s play (Charlotte’s Web) and our Shakespeare-in-the-herb-garden this year is Much Ado About Nothing.  Indian Ladder is, as always, a beautiful spirit-place.  I truly enjoy the crystal clear feeling of the place.  There’s some good earth spirits on that land!  I love the drive into rural Albany County, out near Voorheesville and Altamont.  The land out there just sings, and of course the Helderbergs are just goregous to look at.

Most of the time, when confronted with someone’s arrogance, about all I can say to them is this:  “May you know God’s will for you–and by the way, to find it, the best place to seek it is in the woods or a meadow or the desert.  Good luck and good day!”

Though the arms of a lover is also a good place to find it as well…!


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