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Qabalah and Diversity July 31, 2009

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Not sure where I’m going with this.  Lately I’ve been attentive toward issues of othering.  The episode with Professor Gates at Harvard holds more to it than meets the eye.  In a way, I kind of don’t care about the conflict.  One side says it’s about race, and the other side says it’s about class (though they won’t use that word even though the conflict clearly comes down to that as a dimension as well).  Really, I see it as a conflict between Thug and Gown if you will.  Rather than Town and Gown. 

I’m not the only person who’s observed the festering infection of sadistic psychopaths putrefying law enforcement.  The Blue Line folks have never enamored themselves to me.  Not that officious busy-bodies nor poorly concealed vampires would care much about my approbation, mind you.  But with all the cop shows, and the CSI type shows out there, I see our misguided public is in thrall to their reductio ad absurdam notions of Mickey-Mouse good and McScrooge Evil. 

Since I log into tinfoil websites a lot, I have been exposed to this strange idea that Obama is not a US citizen, and I’ve pretty much come to my own conclusions that there’s a lot of vaporousness out there.  To my mind, WGAF (who gives a F***)?  It doesn’t have all that much to do with his abilities to do . . . whatever it is he’s supposed to do (dancing to the tune of them’s whut brung’im).  I’ve always scented the noxious fumes of racism with that version of mouthbreathing.  Likewise in the immigration debate, I’ve always scented that toxicity as well, from dimwits who refuse to see how their actions and mine as well contribute to the degradation of other parts of the world, so they can have their nachos and cheezy-crappy, their spiff hot-rods and their wowee plazmaskreens!  They point out the different people who try and come over the border (which I think will at some point start to equal out due to the increasingly poor options the soon to be former US (STBFUSA) offer to their own people let alone any immigrants coming in) without noticing that there are forces with much more political power in the vEmpire/ncecronomy (cuntorations) that perceive benefits from not only bringing in “cheap labor” but also in augmenting the rancor and vituperation in the SPRAAAAAAAWWKlodytic “thug’Merkans” toward the brown people.

It’s all quite … well, qliphothic isn’t it?

[On Edit-hit he publish button too soon again, when I meant to add tags. One of these days, I’ll learn!]

So in reading Dion Fortune’s Mystical Qabalah, I’m struck by how I’m changing myself, and seeing that being simultaneously in my more particularized “race” (meaning white-mutt) and also post-racial, living in that paradox of needing to participate somewhat in the embrace of my own particularity via ancestral awareness and reverence, and encouraging others to do the same, but also living in the question of inter-racial interaction.  And again, I tend to broaden the categories of “race.”I would much rather know that a person has for instance Seneca ancestry rather than just being “part Native.”  And rather than “white,” what sort of white? Pure Andalusian? Part Breton, part Bavarian?  And notice I’m not using nationalities, but more particularized regions of nations.   If someone says they’re “Irish”, fwa!  County Sligo? Meath? Kildare? Ulster? Which!!!???  That’s what I want to know.

I myself don’t know what counties my Mom’s relatives hailed from.  I doubt I’m alone in this regard of being disconnected from ancestral energies.  As I contemplate Qabalah, it’s both something of no importance and yet, important too.

The notions of diversity probably don’t figure much into Ms. Fortune’s system, at least insofar as she would understand diversity notions now.  I’m sure she would definitely be able to place the Orisha on the various sephiroth.  Obatala seems to be one that resonates with Kether, but also perhaps something else.  Olodumare also resonates with Kether.  But where does racial division lie really, when it’s beyond polarity and duality?  Geburah, perhaps?

For that matter, what about “self” and “other?”  Is “self” necessarily the gender of the person?  I don’t think so, particularly after meditating on the possibilities of their being say, a heterosexual yang woman, or a celibate yin transgender man for example.  I’m just musing right now, and Fortune’s book has gotten me to look at my everyday reality differently.  As I absorb this material, I will probably figure things out.  I do sense however, that different people will resonate with different paths and Sephiroth and probably be drawn to their workings based on their own predilections, which probably have little to do with race.  Whether it’s Oshun or Aphrodite or Astarte, the sephirah in question will be Netzach.  Chango/Mars would be Geburah, etc.

Anyway.  Lots of fun to think about, and to use as a new lens for the understanding of this convoluted and twisty reality.



1. lisacolorado - September 27, 2009

Hello. I’m a student of The Mystical Qabalah now and was glad to see that many other people know about this book.

This post is pretty old but let me know if you’re still thinking about it.

I very much agree that a lot of what’s going on in politics and culture these days is Qlipothic.

frostwolftfirerose - September 28, 2009

Thanks, Lisa. Things are fairly qliphotic aren’t they? And getting more so each day it seems, though it’s balancing out with a fullness if we open ourselves to it.

I don’t get much into Qabalah these days. I appreciate its underpinnings and the intellectual aspects of it. Instead I’m moving into different directions meeting various entities that are very huge indeed. I’m sure Qabalah heads in the same directions, but because of its rather heterosexist biases I feel off-geturned.

Queer spirituality holds so many gifts. I must be part of that offering to the world.

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