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Multiple Streams III July 28, 2009

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Passing thoughts on attraction.  I stopped in to a bagel shop to get a cup of coffee, and as I left, I opened the door just as this really pretty girl was walking in.  She smiled at me–a very sweet, young, innocent smile, and I had to turn my head as she walked past me.  There was a clarity and freshness in her eyes… yet there was also something a little … well, “dead.”  I’m not sure exactly what I mean by that, but as I walked down the street, I saw a fellow who also stirred my passions, and his eyes were actually quite wounded, as well as having this “dead” quality. 

I’m not sure what I mean by “dead” except that it’s more like numbness and the deadening of an anesthetic rather than a true necrosis.  Perhaps because there is an aspect of myself that has this same quality, when I recognize it in others, I feel an instant spark.  Though as I contemplate both of these encounters, I can’t help but muse about its addictive element.  I could probably have various sorts of fantasies about these people, which would be a waste of time.

Student Loan Cunting.  I showed my statement from Cuntigroup N.A.’s Student Loan Cuntoration, that has now been revised to show how much I’ve been gouged paid to the vEmpire necronomists via their own personal blood funnel attachment to my acCunt.  [sic(k)]  Well.  It said I had thus far paid $46+K thus far… and that I still was being cunted for another $49+K.  On a $50K loan to begin with.  He agreed.  Scam Scam Scam. 

I’ve lit a white candle for justice.  Perhaps we should start a magickal movement?  Let’s all invoke Obatala, master of the white cloth, to remove our suffering and to right these wrongs.

On Edit:  (I hit the Publish button too soon. My apologies.  I did that yesterday as well.) 

Mother Earth and Solar Energy.   On my lunch hour again, I took my journal with me thinking that I might write.  Well, I asked Mother Earth what to do, what should I write, and she told me to put my book aside, and just drink in the energy of the sun.  Further, she said I should visualize myself naked, and that it was going directly into all of my skin.  I need to find any available opportunity to do this very thing.

I must say that the solar energy did energize me.  She also suggested I would “know more later” about what this practice will do, and that I should continue it on every day, even in winter time. 

This time of year, as we leave the Litha window for Lughnaghsadh, I’m feeling rather giddy.  For some reason, my three most favorite sabbats are Yule, Mabon and this one.  I like Samhain too, but I don’t put it in the top three because a) it’s most pagans’ 1st or 2nd favorite holiday, and b) I personally think Samhain is in its own special category.  I definitely feel that from Lammas to Imbolc, there’s a cresting energy.  It probably starts in Litha sometime, perhaps around the mid part of July when the Sun crosses my natal nadir.  I feel a palpable shift I guess around the Cancer new moon or the Capricorn full moon nearest that time.  (And the last of those lunations was molto powerful!)  Soon, I’ll be saying adieu to Athena and Lugh, and welcoming in Cerridwen and Merlin into my god/dess circle.  (Re: Cerridwen–good to see old friends!)

(Funny, I just added a tag called “Solar energy” and I didn’t mean it the way most people think of it.  “Solar energy of the spirit” would be more accurate.)


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