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Multiple Streams II July 24, 2009

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I have a number of thoughts swirling through my head today.  There’s a lot out there to ponder.

I saw my counselor yesterday and I confessed about my desire to mock some of the nutjobs out there, with their SPRAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWK mentality and vaporous spewings O’nonsense.  He said that it is good that I laugh at this insanity, and that I should accept this as a good thing.  OK.  So, I repeat back to these vEmpire-cunts to them what I hear them saying, which can be summed up like this:


Anyway.  /sarcasm.

Another stream seems to be about the notion of receiving those gifts like it suggests in the New Testament and elsewhere, but that eventually the maturation process involves walking away from those powers and embracing life as it is, and letting the spirit be the guiding force.  As I progress in my magical practice, I see that this eventuality becomes not only more apparent, but I see that it will at some point become irresistibly desirable.  I am seeing that I want to let go of certain vestiges of ego, while, in true 6th Step form, other parts of my ego I don’t want to let go.  Yet.

It’s funny about the mind too, as I’ve been feeling self-doubtful about my abilities to be the leader of a community theater group.  When I look at things on paper however, it seems that things are going well enough.  I don’t feel like I’m doing as much as I could, but I have so many things to take care of, especially now since I’m probably going to be a homeowner/landlord soon.  (GAAAAH!)  But I do tend to believe the lesser about myself until I start talking about it.

On Energy Bulletin, I just read a little piece by Robert Jensen about being prophetic in a dead culture.  It’s nice to receive some confirmation from another source about feeling that the USA is FUSA, a zombie nation that isn’t awake to its necrosis as of yet.  I first awoke to that years ago when I attempted to visualize the spirit of the USA, and found instead a wispy shroud that didn’t even cover the regional totems of the various parts of the North American continent demarcated by the borders of this once great nation hollowed out by its imperiogastric cancer.  It’s been dead for quite a while, but again few will acknowledge that, unless they have nothing vested in it.  And I see that I do have some investment, though I don’t feel all that attached to it.

I find the word prophet to be an interesting one, and I thought one of the more secular words for prophetic being “authentic” provocative.  Integrity might be better for the notion of prophecy.  Aligned also might be a good one, to be soul-aligned in all one’s parts, including the aspects we judge as less than or dark.  To come from a place of integrity is to act in right concord with one’s own spirit and understanding of this realm.

I muse about the pursuit of justice, and I keep thinking of one of the most powerful expressions of that I’ve ever seen.  It was actually on an episode of The Simpsons from, gosh, 15-16 years ago now? It was when Montgomery Burns was running for office and trying to pretend that the Springfield River was just fine, that there was no pollution in it.  So a press opportunity came up where Mr. Burns had dinner with Homer and family, and Marge served a three-eyed fish.  Mr. Burns tried to eat it, but spit it out in slow motion, and his political career died at that moment.  I look at that as a “quiet move” as in chess.  Those are the opportunities that I see as “acting truth” to power.

I’ve done the speechifying, and I’ve written plays from that justice-hungry place, that feeling of outrage.  It has its uses.  But over time, I long for something better, I long to focus more on the dream and the vision rather than the lacking for it.

Not to give an endorsement necessarily, but while I was waiting to see my counselor, I got a chance to see part of Wayne Dyer’s new DVD “The Shift.”  I was really touched by a scene from it where a woman noticed the beauty of her setting.  I’m surrounded by beauty, and I cried tears of joyful identification.  I was surprisingly overcome.

I might post more later.  But I feel I need to look over my lines for the production of The Good Doctor by Neil Simon that I’m acting in.  “Don’t take advantage of a weak, defenseless creature like myself!” T:hee!



1. Davis - July 24, 2009

good luck with your play — that’s one of Simon’s best

frostwolftfirerose - July 24, 2009

Many thanks! I’m playing The Writer/Peter Semyonych (in “The Seduction”) and The Defenseless Creature!

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