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Rapture/Sorting Hat July 23, 2009

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A few years ago, I had an idea to try and write a script from my own perception of a possible “rapture” scenario, where people perceive various doors just appearing in their everyday experience, and out of curiosity, just walk through them, and discover themselves inside alternate circumstances to our current reality.  My idea was that the “rapture” was really more of a spiritual-energetic “comb-out” with people of various “densities” being combed into earths that were akin to their vibrations.  And I conceived of the pieces as monologues spoken by the individuals from their new realities.

One of those alternate earths would of course be for the “raptured” Christians who would all end up on their own version of earth/paradise/heaven.  And I speculated that while there might be some initial euphoria, it wouldn’t last long before the truly twisted and addicted amongst them started to realize they needed new “others” to demonize.  Because I perceive that a Christian heaven would “keep its victims ready.”  But what if those people who would have been their victims made different choices based on their own spiritual authority?  What would happen to the fundy nutballs who ended up in Raptured Heaven-Earth?

I’m thinking now though, that a better possibility for a play might be the version of an alternate earth post-Spiritual Comb-Out where people with an essentially thug/brute nature–be they Christianist, Islamist, Jewishist, Corporatist, Paganist, Atheist, etc.–get combed into a pure thug reality.  Of course, the dumbest and the weakest would probably be summarily dispatched, but the world created thereafter would most likely be that Hobbesian wet dream of All truly against All.  The psychopaths’ . . . dream? Or nightmare? 

It’s just a pipe-dream, I know.  I dream of being combed into a world that would lead to inhabiting the halcyon future notions of the Hudson-Mohawk region/Schenecta and seeing those with more tribalistic violent notions be combed into their own Grand Theft Auto/theofascist marauder scenario to their hearts’ content.  But I guess I’m just sort of musing about a life without psychopaths coming out of humanity’s pores.  Ah, weh.

A witch can dream, can’t he?



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