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Solar Eclipse and Felines July 22, 2009

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Just a quick note about yesterday’s solar eclipse at the end of Cancer. Both my partner and I noticed odd things about our cats. Last night I was sitting in my living room doing what-not when I noticed Samson look intently into the next room. I could see that he saw something, perhaps a ghost kitty (Kitzel-bitz? He’s been on my mind of late.) and his eyes got huge. He focused on a particular spot, and Ielt just a wee bit scared. Though mostly I was fascinated by whatever it was he was seeing.

Jody also noticed his cats were being odd, though he thought it was due to his having injured himself last night at SPAC. He pulled a calf muscle trying to negotiate a row of seats without bothering fellow ballet-goers in his row. I did some reiki–and I was rather surprised how, even though I don’t really utilize this ability how powerful it was and how specific as well–and saw for myself that his white cat Shiva (truly, that is his name!) was attracted by this energy. He sat near us.

So I am really curious how cats might be a part of whatever energies are arising. I’ll be watching them a bit more closely.


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