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I drew the card of the Fool today July 21, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Mystical, Personal Journey.
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Again, the Fool is my card for this year from approximately Mabon to Mabon.  So when I draw it, I look for anything of significance.  A few odd details to share:

  • Dream: I was driving my partner’s car (which we share), and I dropped him off somewhere west of where we live, and funny enough was still heading west “towards home”–which of course makes no sense in material reality–and then it started to snow.  In my dream it was still July, the season hadn’t changed, and the snow was sticking to the ground.  I was rather amazed at the volume and the said stickiness.
  • “Foolishness” abounds in Albany-town today, as an oxymoron motivational seminar with Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar and others (wut uh buhnch uh wInnnnnnerzz them’ns!) has totally tied up traffic, alienated people who work downtown who park in already crowded lots, and caused buses to have to reroute to go slowly to get into town.  I used my time productively, reading some of R. J. Stewart’s book on Merlin, and then when I started to feel some frustration, looked out and saw that the freeway was a parking lot with occasional fits of movement.  So I practiced some acceptance and tolerance.
  • Work has been pretty quiet, all things considered.
  • Weird development with my house purchase–the Credit Union we’re getting the loan through notified us that they’re going to sell the mortgage to a Big-Name-Bank.  I’m not thrilled by it.  Not sure what to make of it.
  • I also throw a rune and draw an Ogham each day.  I drew Dagaz (daybreak) and the Pine/Silver Fir tree.  I also decided it was time to choose a new Goddess Guidance card and received Sige “Quiet Time.”
  • There is a meme on the Interweb today of contemplating the space between moments.  Somehow I think of dancing energy and fairies in those interstices.
  • I have been wanting to do things naked.  Not just the obvious things, but I’d love to go shopping, mow the lawn, stop by the ATM, lounge in a coffee bar and play Scrabble.  Do magick too, of course.

So, anyway, I see there’s quite a bit going on, even if most of it is behind material reality.  I/we are all in contact with the nonmaterial universe all the time.  We emanate from it.  I’m fairly much in touch with the idea that quite a few of us are being sorcerer’s apprentice, crafting things out of our myopic desires without giving thought to how it has impact on our collective material reality.  For Gaia is also creating along with, and she has her own wisdom and awareness.  And she works with and against us all the time. 

So today, having drawn three rather fun and freeing sorts of signs, I wish to express gratitude for my simple existence and to note that I’m just another magical being amongst other magical beings.



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