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The Spirits of the Untied [sic] States July 20, 2009

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I started writing this post last year, and at the time, I thought it was too incendiary to be on the Interweb.  Today, I’m not so sure, but I also think it might be moot at this point.  In any case, I’ve decided to post it now.  The rest of the text is what I wrote, with only a few minor edits.

Years ago, I had a notion to try to speak with the spirit of the United States, but there is no such thing.  The spirits are really of various regions rather than of a country called the United States of America.  I got the feeling that at one time perhaps even as little as 30 years ago, there was a spirit of a nation, but as of 2003 or 2004, the image I had was one of a tattered blanket that didn’t even cover the various spirits that were arising.  There was a spirit in the northeast that seemed like a snake, one in the Southeast that seemed like a starving bear, I could tell there was something in the midwest that felt avian to me, and I remember the California was like a swarming colony of insects.  A whole bunch of entities that were thus far operating “in synch” but would this be something that would continue?  I don’t know.

I see that it’s time to revisit this notion, but I sort of hesitate to at the moment.  The Unraveling nation we inhabit is convulsing with fascistic necrosis, and I for one add my energy into the dawning awareness that as far as where we should be putting our energy, the federal element should not even be a factor.  Should not be a place to focus our energies.  I realize I’m bucking a number of trends here, but on a spirit realm, there’s just no “There” there. 

The snake for the Northeast region is interesting to me.  It makes me think of that flag of our forebears with the slogan “Don’t Tread on Me.”  And a cobra appeared in a recent dream having to do with the Orishas.  (I wonder if Oxumare’ is the Orisha of the Northeast–could be, eh?) 

Along those lines, I hesitate to see if the entity known as “New York State” has a spirit as well.  I suspect that it too is a lot like that tattered blankie, covering a host of smaller spirits that will have to figure things out for themselves.  Part of me hopes and prays that the Hudson-Mohawk-Berkshires-Lower Champlain area might be able to pull together and move through what I perceive to be a really rough patch.  There’s a lot of attachment to both New York State and the Unraveling Nation in our area though.  Troy, where I live, is the home of Uncle Sam.  Every once in awhile, my partner and I will drive past the statue, or I will catch a bus at the shelter that stands near it, and I feel an odd revulsion and sorrow as I contemplate it.  For it’s a memorial statue, not something that commemorates a living entity, but one that has died and not left a body for us to discover.

(I fear the same fate has happened for the French Marianne as well, and any other national symbols that currently exist in the various countries that include multiple identities.  The nations of the world as they now stand (with the exceptions of places like San Marino and Liechtenstein) are having to retool in the same manner as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, though unfortunately some of them will devolve the way the former Yugoslavia did.  The Czech Republic might even find itself further subdividing into Bohemia and Moravia for all any of us know.  And then there are the other unfortunate consequences of colonialism and its forcing of national boundaries in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc.  Though I understand the impulses at work in 1948, I really think that history will look back at the creation of the nation of Israel as a colossally codependent move by Lord Balfour at best, a stick in a hornet’s nest purposefully driven there at the behest of the vEmpire at worst.)

I get the sense that the entity known as “New York State” has a sense that its days are numbered, that it’s whistling past the graveyard that is arising in its near future.  I suppose the same is true for places such as Colorado, Texas, even the Dakotas.  Most of the individual states will probably start a devolution to regional governments at some point, which will make a lot more sense.  Right now, addictions control so much of our thinking, and one of the most pernicious belief addictions going is nationalism-tied-with-narcissistic-religion. 

I will wait for my fellows to get hip to the awareness of a new organizing structure that seems to burbling up to the surface naturally.  I choose to focus on what’s living and vital.  The Troy Farmers’ Market comes to mind as one particularly bright spot in our neck of the woods.  The Vermont Second Republic movement is another, though that’s technically in another state.  Still, the Green Mountain Nation is not that far from us here in Hudson-Mohawk Valley.

Perhaps we can eventually apply for annexation?  In the meantime, I will also contemplate Oxumare’, the Orisha of wealth and abundance.  For Wealth is Wellness and Health together.  (“Wellth” is perhaps a better way to spell it.)  Oxumare’, please lead us into the governance organization that best suits us in these times of travail and disorder. 

Just a thought.



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