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Multiple Streams July 17, 2009

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Dream Stream

I had two dreams this morning.  In the first, I was on the bus with my partner, and he was preoccupied with his reading.  My stop came, and I got up and gathered 2 of my bags, but decided to leave the third–a red bag that held a bunch of my writings.  And though I didn’t want to leave it there, and hoped that Jody would gather it up with his stuff on the way to his stop, I knew I had to leave the bag there, because it was some sort of sacrifice I had to make to move on to the next phase of my journey.  I felt really sad and desolate, but I also knew it was the correct choice.

In the second dream, I was talking with a little girl–she had to be between 10 and 12–and she was very knowledgable about the surveillance state we were newly inhabiting.  I feigned naivete and a ready compliance, even though I knew that nothing of the sort would even  be remotely resembling of the truth.  I put on all my acting skills to come across as a complete dolt.

I find it interesting how often I end up on buses and subways in dreams.  In this dream, at least, I was in Troy.  Many times I’m in Manhattan.  My stop was pretty much on my block too.  I wasn’t sure if Jody would even be aware when his stop came up, he was so engrossed with what he was reading.  He barely said goodbye to me in the dream.

Ireland/Weaving Stream

More things keep getting added to it.  Merlin.  Willow trees, including Eleusis (in Greek, the word means “the place of happy arrival”).  Pigs.  Cerridwen.  Minerva/Athena.  Taliesin.  Gratitude–remembering to see the sacredness of every moment.  Joy.  Heart chakra flow.  The male in the female and the female in the male.  (Ergo, the hermaphrodite, but also the Divine Twins.)

It took me a little bit of digging to find it.  I was sure Eleusis would relate to “leuco”- the Greek root for “white.”  It’s rather delightful to discover the meaning of the word, and Eleusis the willow tree told me I would find it surprising.  Indeed!  But it reminds me a bit of the weaving again.  And I sense that I’m weaving myself/being woven into the joyous life beyond my wildest dreams.

Funny about Ireland though.  I still don’t quite get how Ireland fits.  There are some interesting theings about it though, based on my research.  A family name associated with the Northwest coast I find significant.  Somehow I will have to pursue that.

Toltec I Ching Stream

Yesterday, I received my copy of the Toltec I Ching, and I did a couple of readings with it.  They seem to have a lot to do with the dreams I outlined above.  Regarding the house I’m buying, it seemed to be saying I would be leaving a certain aspect of my identity behind, an aspect that had outlived its usefulness, and that had served as a protection.  I am strong enough now, and in need of the ability “to walk naked into the wild, into the unknown.”  Perhaps even literally?  (One can hope!)

Feigning compliance was related to another aspect of my life.  Biding my time until . . . wel, I think I get it, and I will know “when.”

I asked about my writing, as well.  The counsel is just to have faith.  And generally, I’m moving into a time of just accepting and embracing my reality, choosing to be grateful and joyful even in the face of hardship and difficulty.  To be in touch with the feminine energies that are surfacing everywhere. 

Mother Universe is singing indeed.



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